HTC Ocean Harmony gets 3C certification

Yordan, 05 December 2017

Several months ago we reported that HTC is planning to launch three more phones by the end of 2017. We already saw the U11+ and the U11 Life, so now its time for the last one, codenamed HTC Ocean Harmony. The device was listed by CCC, meaning that at this point a launch is inevitable.

HTC Ocean Harmony gets 3C certification

According to the listed specs, the chipset will be Snapdragon 652, coupled with 4 gigs of RAM and 64 GB storage. The phone, codenamed HTC 2Q4R400, is expected to have 5.99 bezel-less screen like the one in HTC U11+. This looks like a toned down device and most likely will be a budget option of the current flagship.

Chinese media suggests the lite phone will have another version with Snapdragon 660 and will cost a bit more. The 652-powered HTC is going to have a price tag of CNY2,599 or almost $400 while the more powerful variant will be CNY3,599 or about $540.

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Reader comments

  • Doesnt Matter

This looks just like an iPhone 3GS like wtf HTC. :)

No 3.5mm and sd652. Keeps putting outdated stuff at the end of the years, anyone remembers releasing 810 chipset phone at 2016? HTC illogical moves killing this company slowly

  • illregal

Poor battery life? Odd design? You're on crack.