HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2021But it is correct. This phone is a beast. Ultra strong glas... moreSo you think this phone is a beast just so you could pull pranks in class huh

  • HTC Fan

I own one of the Uefa Champions League hTc One M8's, it is simply the best phone I have had.

  • BPOL

This phone stays my number one, a real beast. HTC should start making phones like that and win battles

  • Anonymous

Rejan, 19 Feb 2021Imposible.The video 1080p60fps and 720p120fps is more bette... moreBut it is correct. This phone is a beast. Ultra strong glass, IR blaster you can use to turn off class' projector / AC / Fan / TV / almost everything

  • beep bop boop

bring it back!

Imposible.The video 1080p60fps and 720p120fps is more better than normal phones what i saw in this time.The 1080 in phones are 30/60fps but in this just 60fps,this is what i liket 60fps video and up and is cheap.

  • AnonD-973296

all hail the KING of smartphones!


One of the best cameras ever. 2μm pixel size!!!!!!!

  • dracho

I just bought a BNIB m8 in 2021! =D

I proceeded to unlock, install TWRP, and Android 10 LineageOS. I'll play with 10 for a bit, then make a nandroid backup, and play around with Android 11 a bit. My Razer Phone 2 still only has 9...

I bought this because I'm planning to buy a Nikon P1000 for birding, which does not have a built-in GPS. So instead of linking my daily driver phone to my camera for GPS, I'll throw the m8 in the top pocket in my backpack; its only use is to keep a Bluetooth link to the camera and calculate coordinates when requested.

It was one of my absolute favorite pieces of electronics back in the day, and for $70, I couldn't go wrong. Especially considering it's more than capable of being used a backup phone in case anything happens to our good ones.

I do find it quite hilarious that a 7 year old phone could have an OS that 2 generations newer than what Razer can provide... though I do love the hardware...

  • Steven

The best phone I ever use even already stop using it for few years, the user experience I get from M8 is the best, I'm using iPhone 12 Pro Max now also can't get the first exciting feel when I touch the M8 for first time. This is a legend phone, unfortunately HTC doesn't make good phone anymore... sad...

I love this photo, best smartphone I've ever had, only one bugbear, I cannot access data through my sim card. I get WiFi ok, but when trying to get data, all I keep getting is the access point names unavailable for this user message. Bl***y infuriating.

  • Reza

after 6-7 years i use htc one m8 and android 10 lineage and it work ok.
without change battery or ...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2020Same issue. Please help ussama issue Dead Battery

  • Al hamad

Can you believe that almost after 7 years i'm still using this phone the One the (m)agnificent 8!!

  • Anonymous

htc is good mobile is this mobile available in 2020 plz tell me soon thanks

  • Jeoboy

rini, 15 Apr 2020Iam happy about htc one m8 but why cant i update its new ve... moreI also have the same problem

  • Anonymous

KOPE, 01 Mar 2020Hello can you help me about my phone, it is htc one m8 have... moreSame issue. Please help us

  • pali1228

AugustVS, 16 Jan 2019In March 2019, it will be my 5th years with this mate (M8).... moreI had an M8 for 3 years and I switched for an HTC U11+. It also has amazing speakers but the clarity is not as good as the M8. It is louder but not that clean at max volume. Battery life is not as good for an 3930mAh battery. I expected better optimization from HTC.

  • Anonymous

rini, 15 Apr 2020Iam happy about htc one m8 but why cant i update its new ve... morego to xda developers site and from there you can download android 10..

  • zef

Had mine for 5 years. It likes to die at around 60%. I can make it happen less with battery saver mode. Need new phone lol.