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  • Avenger758

Nv, 05 Feb 2016I'm using an HTC m8 Verizon unlocked version, the phone is... moreTry using a Samsung fast charger

  • beta

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2019I'm still using it until now but sadly, my htc one m8 batte... moreyou can buy a battry off amazon its around 13$ i had mine fix and it workt,had my htc m8 for 5 years till i lost it a week ago

  • Anonymous

I'm still using it until now but sadly, my htc one m8 battery drains so fast and dies suddenly at around 60%. Tried other solutions like calibrating the battery, multiple restarts, none of them works. And whenever I take a picture, it turns itself off. Now I'm just using it as a DAP to play music.

  • Kratos

i used this phone since 2015 ,it is the better phone in used ever .Good battery, speed,camera is ok not excellent. The only problem is getting hot while browsing. It is a strong phone for rough use and classy one. I hope HTC will launch a phone same like one m8 with all new feature.

rd, 01 Aug 2016I am using htc m8 sprint unlocked in bangladesh . few day's... moreDoes M8 Sprint already have Marshmallow official update, or it's still stuck with Lollipop?
Appreciate your reply, thanks...

  • Ahmed

kal dudi india, 26 Jun 2016My HTC onem m8 cdma+gsm is not working update and cdma SIM ... moreBrother i also face this problem that i cant use any thing in cdma mode in pakistan if u have any idea plz share with me

  • Ahmed

Hay dear,
I m using htc one m8 cdma.i have a problem with this set.because i m from pakistan so it just working in only on gsm neither at lte/cdma. How can i convert this connection to lte/cdma. And also cant update my phone because its just checking for update but after show no option like updates are available or not.
Please help what can i do for this that i access my lte band....

  • Killero

Is it possible to lock network by installing a ROM? Im asking this because I purchased a HTC M8 from aliexpress, it came with KK, I unloked bootloader and installed recovery, then I installed LP>MM, from LP did not have signal, it shows this is not a Verizon SIM, I changed from Global mode to GSM and vice versa, still not working. when checking for available network phone asked for a code. What can I do to get network, I live in Colombia, thanks.

  • AnonD-9680

Hi All,

Do you know, if we can use HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition with Reliance Jio 4G in India? Will it work?


  • Jake

What is the appropriate LCD for my HTC one M8y. Model # is OP6B630. There are lots of LCD for HTC M8. Hopefully, I can get a reply. Thanks and can you give me a link for that website. Appreciate the reply. TIA

  • rd

I am using htc m8 sprint unlocked in bangladesh . few day's ago i install custom rom for mashmallow bt now i faceing some problems in music.when i play music and lock my phone then the sound start can i solve the problem.can anyone tell me?

  • kal dudi india

My HTC onem m8 cdma+gsm is not working update and cdma SIM not working

  • AnonD-549779

Pakistan doesn't use CDMA. All the operators there are GSM based.

  • ahmed

usama, 17 Jul 2014what is the use of dual camera ? just click on setting and select split camra.......

  • ahmed

i m using htc m8 cdma in pakistan.....can any one tell me that how to change its radio frequancy according to my country......

  • Anonymous

Soloistor1 , 15 Jan 2016simply go to setting and scroll down to about devices or ab... moreI tried it... Not working. Pls tel me any solution.

  • Hel@

User.m8, 29 Dec 2015I am using htc m8 verizon version in Dubai. Tell me how to ... moreUpdate htc bay ruu.ex
Download htc synchronisation manager
Download ruu.ex usa in the pc
Open ruu
Press volume down in th phone and power bouton the phone run in the hbboot mod select bay the voulume and power bouton fastboot
Connect the phone in pc and download rom marshmallow

  • AnonD-523161

I want to update my phone to marshmallow but it's saying that it will only update in cdma mode.. but the problem is there isn't a cdma mode in my phone..pls guide what should I do..

  • AnonD-522949

is m8 a cdma phone?
i m looking for a low budget cdma phone. plz suggest few cdma mobiles.

  • AnonD-522949

is m8 a cdma phone.
i m looking for a low budget cdma smartphone. plz suggest few cdma smartphones.