HTC One (M8 Eye)

HTC One (M8 Eye)

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  • omar

it is bad mobile bec it smashed very fast and the sound is very low i cannot hear anything really bad mobile

  • Fahim

Amit, 15 Mar 2017Which one is better Htc m8 or Htc m8 eye...Plzzz suggestM8

  • Anonymous

kev, 05 Mar 2018Just a question m8 eye got official update to marshmallow or it... moreMarshmallow is an official update...There after no confirmed updates for the model...

  • kev

Just a question
m8 eye got official update to marshmallow or it's just an option to run custom rom on it?
I'm near to buy one and it's really important for me to be sure that m8 eye is a phone that at least support almost all apps on the market for about next two years from now because i don't have extra money to change my phone rapidly
Can anyone help me technically that is it the true phone on this price range? (about 100$)

  • AnonD-741239

it will be better if we get Android 7.0 nougat update as there are many htc m8 eye user..

  • Anonymous

Epic nice phone, hate to see this phone die off

  • Dc

Hi. I'm using this device for about 2 years and I'm satisfied. But recently the drains faster and recharges there anything I can do, so that it charges at normal speed 0 to 100 in about 2.5 hours. Any remedy to fix this

  • Fahim Adnan

Please give the nougat update... i love to use this phone... HTC M8 make me the die hard fan of HTC phones

  • Anonymous

Can I buy this phone now ?

  • Prakash jha

paintbuckets, 07 Jan 2017Nope, M8 eye is not water resistant/proof.both are crap!!!!

  • Anonymous

Except network coverage everything less is more than very good. And network issues is also not much bad.

  • Anoop

vishali, 02 Sep 2017My HTC One m8 eye show screen notification like'unfortunately go... morePlz clean the all data google service and update

  • vishali

My HTC One m8 eye show screen notification like'unfortunately google play service has stopped ' every month after ,then I have to restore and again it happens.
Anybody has the permanent solution for this.

  • Lakshay_Lovi

i want to know can i use moto turbo charger for my HTC M8 EYE without harming it.????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2017pros and cons after upgrading to lollipop, anyone?and marshamallow

  • Anonymous

pros and cons after upgrading to lollipop, anyone?

  • Lovi

Niz, 19 Mar 2017My HTC working perfectly the only problem I have if answer call ... morewatch a video on youtube and learn how to clean the holes of upper and lower plastic tray..
then everything will be fine. :)

  • Anonymous

Vipin555, 27 Feb 2017I have an HTC m8 EYE phone now I am facing a problem that my pho... moreBro replace the charging pin from which the charging pin is inserted....I mean the phone place where charging cable is inserted....I m not saying to replace charger I am saying that phone charging slot is damaged so replace it

  • AnonD-458877

Been using it for 2.25 years now and I can only say one word about it:FLAWLESS!!!

  • MRP

My HTC M8 (eye) is perfect but it's too feeble when I received calls. I also did resetting and did factory reset also! But I still find only feeble voice