HTC One E9s dual sim

HTC One E9s dual sim

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  • Luyang

haustic, 18 Dec 2017The screen of this model is the worst. It's my second display th... moreYes ri8

  • Nik

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  • haustic

The screen of this model is the worst. It's my second display that cracks when dropped. So be very carrefoul not to drop it!

  • Aramis

A good phone. (My opinion after one year and a half usage)
- Awesome camera for the price (good contrast, realist colors, nice setting options)
- Nice phablet display
- Low price (I bought it in China from the developer, in spring 2016)
- Good sound (the surround effect works fine)
- Pretty fast (no significant lags after 1 year of usage)
- Nice design (slim and elegant)
- Battery (drains quick, charges slow – is better with a fastcharger)
- Overheating problems (the screen gets a brown spot in the upper left part- do not use it while charges, or for games that require high resources!)
- Fragile (the screen was fine for me but the carcass snapped in the front low right – I didn`t used protection)
- Software update (I moved to Europe and I get no updates + the help is in Chinese only)
- The speaker (when turned on during a call, the person I talk to doesn`t hear good what I`m saying so the speaker becomes useless)

  • Ipsita

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2017Worst phone ever, it his having a really weak display. I have ... moreI am writing this review after a year from the purchase date of my phone . One the 5th month I suppose , I got my display cracked . The service centre people are sitting there to take the charm. I put a duplicate display which is far better than the original one. I would suggest people with this set to put duplicate display and not the original one. My baby brother has thrown my phone 2-3times by now but still it is OK . Thanks God. Every time my heart skipped a beat when anyone else touches my phone. It has been a bad experience . Strongly disappointed with this purchase . Other sets of HTC are good , many of my family members do use HTC. The problem is with particularly this one . If u have already purchased the phone then don't let it slip from your hand .

  • vedroronaldo

why my htc is not charging and is not turning on???

  • Druid84

I'm not sure why so many people are having a problem with this phone, I've had it since it came it and I love it. Had a battery problem for the first month, but got it fixed and it's been perfect. I have a case so no issues when I drop it, come on it's class drop any phone from high enough and at the right angle it'll break, buy a case.
Question, anyone know of a custom rom for Android 6.0 or 7.0? I'd like to keep the phone longer and updating it would be nice, the only problem I have is that HTC did not update it, won't buy an HTC phone after this. Too bad, this phone is ok.

  • jass

Siddiqui, 21 Feb 2016Same here guyz don't buy this phone HTC E9s is bullshit,worst ph... morees its htc e 9s display is very delegate its broken 2nd time ..when i put my phone on charge its crack automatically from in side not seen crack on surface its internal crack on display

  • Sunny

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2016I faced same problem with display. It broke 2 times.Don't know w... moreI also have worst experiance with Htc One e9s . It has many issues like it dosn't have upgradable feature of operating system. Overheating is very dangerous some time i afraid that its gng to blast but thank god still safe. I will not recommend to anyone for purchasing this there prices are so high and service Nil.

  • AnonD-664798

its a good phone. reviewing after a month hard usage. i am the one uses phone in very hard core mannar. phone been dropped in running bike, in train from third tier and 1.5m high in concrete surface. also most of time my baby uses my phone. i havent had any issues like hanging, display cracks..

its not HD display that might be a constrain... apart from this it gud... use paytm to buy

  • Anonymous

AnonD-659592, 06 Apr 2017There could be a chance of you not breaking an egg if you drop i... moreWorst phone ever, it his having a really weak display. I have repaired it for the 3rd time. It's display can damage in any easiest of the ways. Just by falling from your hand while other phones do not. This is the worst phone i've ever seen infact my friend's phone broke same model. Worst experience ever. Spent a lot on this worthless phone.

  • AnonD-659592

There could be a chance of you not breaking an egg if you drop it to the floor, but not this phone. The display is weaker than a child suffering from malnutrition, the idea of this phone should have been killed even before it was born. Never before have I suffered so much because of a phone, this phone made me realise how good the old Nokias were, you could drop it from the 20th floor and not a scratch would appear. But HTC E9s, could crack inside your pocket, why? because it just can.
The first time the screen broke within 2 months of me getting the phone, I was in love with the new phone so decided to get it fixed, it took 2months to get a new screen, coz apparently the screens were not even available in the market, long story short, spent 10k into getting it repaired. And my phone has broken yet again. Worst phone ever!

  • AnonD-657834

I have dropped my phone for almost 23 times(with and without cover combined), never got a screen damage issue. Even without a screen protector. I never expected anybody would be having this kind of trouble while using this phone because mine is pretty solid tbh

  • AnonD-653338

Is this phone support otg

  • Madhusudhan S

This is really frustrating. Display gone for 3rd time. I was damn careful about but still somehow display use to go bad. Escalated to customer care.

Please never ever go for this as the model manufacturing has been stopped right after introducing to the market.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone by last november and the display has gone for 2 times. The screen is so sensitive. I don't recommend this model for anyone. HTC is spoiling their name with this model. Compaireing with other smart phone if screen damaged the phone will be in working condition, but in this mobile if small crack in screen on display the phone in ded condition.

  • AnonD-648856

Very Nice Phone...
Tho its a lil bit delicate but i love it...
Never hang, apps open / close fast.
Highly Recommended...!

  • Another Sad owner

It is very sensitive when it come to the display. This is the second time it has broken. I too had a flip cover bought and still not sure how the panel cracked inside the flip cover.

  • Mfaelbadry

Wi-Fi + Bluetooth non responding many times..

  • AnonD-627533

It is very sensitive when it come to the display. This is the second time it has broken. The first time it fell an amazingly short distance, from my hand to a table. The outer protective glass did not break but the display did. Costed me INR 6500 to fix it but it is broken again but this time I was not really sure how it happened. Had a new pouch bought and still not sure how the panel cracked inside the pouch.

Liked the model very much and am still thining of changing the display again. Not sure if that is a right decision.