HTC One Google Edition spotted at Bluetooth SIG with Android 4.3

08 July, 2013

Traces of an HTC One Google Play Store edition running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean have been found over at the Bluetooth SIG. Carrying the model number PNG71xx_Android_4.3_G, the smartphone has undergone the certification process starting June 18 and has got the all clear on July 5.

The reason for the re-certification of the HTC One is that Android 4.3 supports Bluetooth 4.0 LE. As a result, the Google Play Store versions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3 will be able to connect to a myriad of accessories supporting the new low power standard.

Android 4.3 is still expected to be carrying the Jelly Bean name and as we found out in our testing of the Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked ROM, there are few changes worth writing home about. Google is yet to officially announced the next version of Android, but judging by the more and more intensive leaks, it can't be far away now.

We urge you to check out the Google Play Store edition HTC One unboxing and hands-on in our Blog.

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  • AnonD-95080

Sg3 & 4 r both good cones nd Samsung is a good producer but who really needs doz useless technologies ? We don't use dem daily nd we definitely can do without dem pls grow up... Htc just rocks my world...

  • luis


  • Anonymous

How is the S4 abysmal compared to this phone? The S4 is faster in benchmarks, has a better battery life, and of course its camera blows that 4MP sensor out of the water, especially in terms of daylight detail levels. The S4 is the better phone, even ...

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