HTC One M8 Prime

HTC One M8 Prime

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  • mNj
  • 11 Jul 2014

Is this phone waterproof ?

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    • Playa
    • nUv
    • 07 Jul 2014

    I really hope that the talk about cancelling it was a marketing trick. It could be a sensation ;) I really need to change my Z715e, the XE that is 3 years old and still outruns most in the market with its curved-glass design, unibody case and 8Mpx camera. I know, that htc won't let me down. I really need a new flagship friend. The old one just never wants to give up. Looks as good as new, although I ran over it with car and drop it every other day. iPhone glass would have been changed for 5-6 times by now. Htc is Excellent.

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      • a4P
      • 05 Jul 2014

      Does this mean anything to u?

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        • AnonD-230571
        • 61X
        • 29 Jun 2014

        This one is My Soul M8

        Just when I thought the One is the best, it does indeed get better.
        The rigid design, the way it falls perfectly into my palm.
        The sleek and clean UI, the amazingly fast processor, and all the features totally blow me away.

        The camera works so good especially under lowlight condition. But more than that, the manual setting lets me get the result as I expected. And I can save the setting as my default. The Ufocus (updated) is super neat too.

        The BoomSound in M8 definitely produces stronger, sharper and cleaner sound than before.

        And the battery, lasts a day for my normal (heavy-moderate) usage!

        So when HTC sent me this phone for review I definitely get the best experience. Hence, this one is my soul m8.

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          • PAVI
          • t}Y
          • 22 Jun 2014

          CLYDE, 08 Jun 2014Why People are bothering about the camera? If users of this... moreYes u r correct. If peoples are looking for good camera then better to purchase DSLR camera & not mobile.

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            • Anonymous
            • NvT
            • 21 Jun 2014

            Looks better than the HTC m8.
            I like it's kinda flattened backplate design

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              • HTC fan
              • iwp
              • 20 Jun 2014

              please HTC better camera resolution

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                • CLYDE
                • MkX
                • 08 Jun 2014

                Why People are bothering about the camera? If users of this phone have only bought HTC One M8 just because of the camera, then why not buy a DSLR? Think of it dude.

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                  • AnonD-108423
                  • mrn
                  • 01 Jun 2014

                  After last update of software buttery live is 30%!! Less and phone is unstable .
                  I am from Brussel and support of HTC BELOW ZERO .

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                    • AnonD-189982
                    • PEa
                    • 27 May 2014

                    Guys , I have heard the HTC is gonna go with 18 or 20 MP camera and not the 4UP or 4MP cam. This is just a rumour as of now though. However, it will be good if they can use the 18 MP cam rather than the 4UP. Hoping for the best .. :)


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                      • Anonymous
                      • LaT
                      • 26 May 2014

                      I don't think there is any choice about on screen buttons I think the reason being is that in order to save space on the phone to give you maximum screen with less bezels and just enough for speaker and microphone I expect a majority phones going this way also with having on screen buttons it would be easier to waterproof the phone as this will be standard procedure. I think alot of companies and network operators have had enough of the excuse of customers accidentally dropping phones down toilets ect. So you may as well just get used to on screen buttons I believe this will be the future norm.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • r%0
                        • 26 May 2014

                        Really looks nice but from the rendering it still looks
                        like it will have onscreen buttons, bummer : (

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                          • AnonD-182836
                          • SnD
                          • 25 May 2014


                          This new model is super nice and wonderful ? design prima HTC M8. and we ar' The first customers 4 pieces Golden colors to os.?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • r%0
                            • 25 May 2014

                            Really looks nice but from the rendering it still looks
                            like it will have onscreen buttons, bummer : (

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                              • bobbi
                              • 0tF
                              • 24 May 2014

                              I renonce to M8 because the 4mp camera, and only for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              My htc one xl has better camera.

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                                • Rony
                                • uNV
                                • 24 May 2014

                                AnonD-262250, 24 May 2014Dear HTC, If you are reading this, the only section HTC ... moreI was a htc one m7 user & i was very much disappointed with its poor camera performence.....I was waiting for next htc one I mean htc one m8 but htc again disappointed one m8 prime? ....4ultra pixel camera!!!!
                                Htc is nothing but a fool.
                                ......they are cheating.......

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                                  • AnonD-262250
                                  • IWH
                                  • 24 May 2014

                                  Dear HTC,

                                  If you are reading this, the only section HTC flagships always lose to other competitors is CAMERA! Pls improve it (more pixels at least) & put back OIS!

                                  Don't let your supporters down...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Nvc
                                    • 24 May 2014

                                    With sapphire crystal glass screen protection and a more megapixel camera, this HTC One M8 Prime can fully overcome it's prime competitor notably the Iphone 6. The HTC only lacks of these two things and maybe can make it waterproof too so as people will not be scared to by this powerful mobile thinking that if it gets into contact with water.

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                                      • Sheikh
                                      • 3S9
                                      • 22 May 2014

                                      1. Using full metal body is a big fault for a phone, because it prevents from GSM antenna. Consider that iPhone is also made from metal but the up and bottom of it are made from glass. We have problem with hTC One m7 indoors. but fortunately this one will be made from an alloys

                                        I think this will be bigger than it should be. I mean all of the HTC phablets are bigger than Samsung's phablets for example.
                                        They should improve the camera, and forget the Ultra Pixel gimmick.