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HTC One M8s

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  • stan

Hedgehog, 04 Aug 2020Have it for i think 5 years now and it was working well for... morehad mine 5 yrs also. need to replace it now. what did you go for?

  • Mohamed

great phone ever

  • Hedgehog

Have it for i think 5 years now and it was working well for most of that time. Maybe its not top of the line, but very, very durable (at least the example i had). Unfortunately have to replace it. Great phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Star_Fox

Only thing i like about this phone is design. It looks and feel premium.
Everything else is mediocre.
It has problem with overheating when in heavy use.
It can be very annoying.

  • Anonymous

Had it around 6 months until it overheated whilst charging and the digitizer broke

  • Ben

INDIRA, 19 Jun 2018how and where can I get a battery replacement You can either check mobile phone repair shops near you for a quote on a battery replacement but chances are they wont have the battery in stock and will have to order it in for you. So it's probably better you buy a replacement battery from eBay for example or Mobilesentrix, Injured Gadgets, or Mobile Defenders which are all online phone parts wholesalers.

how and where can I get a battery replacement

  • nazrul

m8 phase detection not .why
but m8 doal camara

  • AnonD-603080

Iona, 16 May 2017This was my first Android phone. It was a really an awful e... moreThis phone is 4 years old, what did you expect lol

  • soundsfierce

Had this phone for exactly 2 years, the motherboard broke down, went to a phone service, they said they cant find a new motherboard to replace the old one ANYWHERE. Gave me the phone back and told me to look for myself, just couldnt find it. They say that it is much more rare than M8, so if it breaks, there's just no way of replacing smth. sad tbh, currently am looking for a new phone.

  • Faraz

Best phone...never hangs..never restarts...never lags...just battery needs a charge in between the day if continuously used on 3G or Wifi

  • AnonD-673395

which one can I buy between M8s and M8, can someone pls Tell me which one is better!

  • Iona

This was my first Android phone. It was a really an awful experience. These are the highlights:
* Battery life is really poor, from morning till evening it needs one recharge
* It lags. Lags on drop down settings and notifications, lags in apps...
* Heats up when downloading or streaming until you need to take a cooling break.

I replaced it with an Xperia and this is a whole new smooth and fast experience.

  • Tezzet

MHL working for anyone? Does it really have MHL support? I can't find ANY confirmation or video of someone using it on M8s (not M8).

  • AnonD-653213

I have had this phone for 1 year now and I think it is exceptional.
Here is a list of things I have read on the net and don't happen on my phone:
1. Heating up while charging - Never happened, but it will heat up a little bit if it also downloads and installs several application updates while charging.
2. Heating up while heavy use - If I play a game with good graphics like Dungeon Hunter or Max Payne for about 40 minutes, it will heat up (max I got was 46 Celsius), but it is usable.
3. Battery life - Normal usage (8 h talk time + what's app + a little bit of facebook) will get me up to 30 - 36 hours of usage (wifi + mobile data activated at all times)
4. Back Camera - Not the best camera, it will take cristal clear pictures when it is set on HI-Res and in perfect light conditions. Once the light starts dropping so does the quality of the pictures.
5. Front camera - Not a good one!
6. Audio - Perfect! Loud and clear!

Because the sleak metal case makes the heat transfer quick, the phone will get warm, but it would also get cool fast. Which brings me to the question: If some people use the phone until it gets really hot that they say it is unusable ... I wonder how hot do the other phones get inside? At least this one gets cool fast.

If you buy this phone do not leave it in sunlight at the beach, only then I felt the phone really hot.

  • Nik

What about Nougat?

  • StephenA

The page needs to be updated since there was an OTA update to Android 6.0.1. Unfortunately the security patch level is still 2016-04-01.

  • StephenA

P, 12 Feb 2017This phone has an extremely serious issue in that it gets s... moreI had this issue too, but it turned out my battery was dying due to the USB port being bent. I had to replace both the USB port and the battery (at my own cost - not sending it to Sydney for three weeks to let it get lost), and the overheating issues are gone.

  • P

This phone has an extremely serious issue in that it gets so hot during basic tasks such as listening to music or downloading updates that it's too hot to actually handle.
The same can be said for when it's plugged in to charge, just don't touch it or try to do anything with it.

This issue is much worse when watching videos, and even more ridiculous when you enable the GPS or try to use it for any level of gaming, eg Fallout Shelter.
If you attempt to combine the two by playing Pokémon Go you'll probably begin to seriously worry about whether it's going to ignite or explode.

I think this is primarily due to the phone's metal casing, which it disperses the heat from the internal components through. This may be good for mitigating the internal heat of the phone, but the actual result is that the case you're holding gets painfully hot to the point where you can't use it, and definitely don't want to.

I started using an Acer Liquid Z530 as a temporary backup while looking for a replacement, and as slow as it is i love that i can use it without scalding my hand, it only ever seems to get hot when charging, and that's not the whole shell, just a spot below the rear camera.

I honestly don't think it's worth having such powerful components if you can't manage the heat to tolerable levels.