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Preyom, 18 Feb 2018Is it 4G supported device???Mine works on the 4G LTE network through ATT.

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  • rRUI
  • Preyom

Is it 4G supported device???

  • DKS

My HTC One M9 stopped vibrating after Nougat update does anyone experiencing this problem please let me know thank you in advance

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Adso777, 24 Jan 2018Marshmallow or Nougat ?Nougat

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According to some sources, one m9 could get Oreo. That's crazy considering that's could be the 3rd major update for the one m9.

wave, 04 Oct 2017THE HTC 9 is the best phone I have ever had. I mean yes the cam... moreMarshmallow or Nougat ?

  • M9 (2015)

Got M7 (5.0.2) Now M9 (7.0) Double Device To Serve Me For A Few Years........

  • Venesh

carlos 2107, 08 Jan 2018Hi , anybody has any idea whats wrong with my htc . I can not... moreHey bro, mine did the same thing. I sent it for repairs as it was still under warranty,the main board was burned.the phone was getting hot,they sent it back to me and less than a month later it did the same thing. They repaired it again and I got it back around 2 weeks ago....I notice its getting hot again...

One of the best smartphones I've ever had! It has not the best main camera comparing to the competition but it's still an improvement from the previous models (M7, M8) and it also has the excellent sound quality that makes the M series so special. I'd like to see more models in the future with stereo speakers and dolby audio.

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i have htc m9 scarb it is for. sell it has a. gud working engine but broken screen

  • carlos 2107

carlos 2107, 08 Jan 2018Hi , anybody has any idea whats wrong with my htc . I can not... moreAll ok now solved my phone problem . Seems i had a few apps sucking my battery dry so i just removed apps i do not use and or the apps i installed the past few days . All back to normal again.

  • carlos 2107

Hi ,

anybody has any idea whats wrong with my htc . I can not turn it on and phone is not charging . Was working perfectly until just 2 hours ago¬Ö..

HaTeM89, 24 Dec 2017If you need the perfect performance,best action and long battery... moreAmen, someone who understands that having the newest OS isn't always a good thing...I notice though the Odd OS aren't as good as the Even OS like 2, 4, 6 cause 1.5 First, 3 was Tablet Only & 5 had battery problems.

  • DKS

Lukong, 11 Dec 2017Don't based on GSMarena, its nearly the same thing as the M9, yo... moreThank you bro I will go for HTC 10 then

If you need the perfect performance,best action and long battery life stay with ( Marshmallow ) andriod version dont go with nogaut 😏

  • Chilla

Is it dual sim?

Hi guys,
I'd want to buy some budget HTC One M8 or M9 from eBay - something like "manufacturer refurbished" type.
Will it work well some time? May be someone has the experience? And why the refurbished M8 is sold in same price like refurbished M9 - approximately 100$? What's a point?

  • Anonymous

Hi guys,
I'd want to buy budget HTC One M8 or M9 from eBay - some manufacturer refurbished.
Is it a good idea for

Don't based on GSMarena, its nearly the same thing as the M9, your better off going to M10 based on Stats, but I'm assuming its cause its got IP57 Dust/Water can try & find a Water/Dust/Shock Resist case for an M10
- EVO is newer than M10 by 7months
- EVO is 0.3inch bigger than M10, 0.5inch bigger than M9
- EVO matches M9's LCD3 display, M10 has LCD5
- EVO matches M10's 1440 x 2560 pixel, M9's is 1080p (1080p is Enough)
- EVO has better Corning Gorilla Glass 5 than M10 & M9 (Get TemperGlass)
- EVO's cpus are the same as M9's 2.0Ghz & 1.5Ghz, but M10 is very much the same
- EVO's gpu is the same as M9's 430, but M10 has a 530 (Top for now)
- EVO's ram & storage is = M9's 3GB & 32GB, but M10 has 4GB with 32GB or 64GB
- EVO's 16MP Rear camera are better than M10's 12, but M9's 20MP is better
- EVO's 8MP Front cameras are better than M9's 4MP & M10's 5MP
- EVO has no 3.5mm Jack or Loudspeakers like M9 & M10
- EVO has an older Type-C USB than M10, M9 uses MicroUSB
- EVO's Quick-charger 2.0 is lower than M10's 3.0, same as M9
- EVO's battery is 200mAh higher than M10, 360mAh higher than M9
- EVO's worth according to GSMarena, 70 Euros higher than M10, 150Euros than M9

To have a EVO get a M10, Water/Dust Resistant Case & Tempered Glass

  • DKS

Guys I have been using my M9 since 2016 until now it's running smoothly no problem at all but I am thinking to switch to HTC 10 EVO (HTC Bolt) is it a good decision I need your advice guys please thanks in advance