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  • mac

Does it have radio FM? Mine dosn't. (Verizon version). Does anybody know anything about that?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2017Guys, have you experienced not having any vibration on your M9? ... moreYes I have on my older HTC,when you mute your sound with buttons for volume control,your vibration is also lower and you can't feel it so you should use settings for turning vibration on and leave your sound on max. and then it should work,worked for me.

  • Anonymous

Guys, have you experienced not having any vibration on your M9? How did you fix it?

Using my M9 for over 2 years. Still runs quick and smooth. It gets warm sometimes but never hot. Battery still pretty good, mostly gets me through the day. Display is bright and sharp with nice colors though hard to see in direct sunlight. Camera is fine for me except tricky in low light. I dropped it 5 or 6 times, twice without a case onto hardwood floor. No problem. Love the stereo-facing speakers. I plan eventually to go with the U11.

echo1284, 05 Nov 2017I bought this one brand new and had it before it was released in... moreThank you

I bought this one brand new and had it before it was released in the stores, I loved it. Coming from the M7 which was revolutionary for its time, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. I skipped the M8 which I now regret because this one died on me eight months later due to one of the original 810 chips that overheated badly. It was replaced and I now have a new M9 I'm carrying now. I bought the HTC 10 but I find myself changing to the M9 frequently due to missing the front facing speakers which I miss dearly on the 10. I really hope HTC releases a new metal phone in the future like the their previous years with the front facing speakers. I hope they find their formal identity. I just can't buy a glass phone.

Almost perfect, if I had to identify some weakness, I would say that the camera takes a while to start, but not so much as to worry.
Unrivaled sound quality and output power.

which phone should I choose sony z3v or nts m9

  • Norah

I guess I do take offense when someone says they don't think much of Americans. I guess I don't think much of Indians, no offense. Why someone giving a review of a telephone would have to be offensive to another group of people just tells you how much lack of grey matter they have.

  • chap1

how come that usa htc m9 has got latest update 5 months ago,while here in europa its still on 7.0?!

  • sanju

cabbal, 27 Sep 2017Poor cameraAwesome man

  • TiWyX

Vins, 11 Oct 2017How to improve its battery Capacity ?????/No bei there is nothing as improving a battery capacity. If someone says you something else, then he is american. You can only change the battery with higher capacity. There is no other way. No offense but i dont thing high about american people. BTW i have a M9 right now. I brought this phone today.

  • Dennis@kenya

hey guys my phones play store unfortunately stopped can't open....what's up?

  • Vins

How to improve its battery Capacity ?????/

Still using this phone after more than 2 years. Battery life isnt what it used to be (probably my own fault from excessive mobile gaming), but rest of phone is still in top condition.

  • wave

THE HTC 9 is the best phone I have ever had. I mean yes the camera is not the best but it works well. This phone can take a beating. If I could post a picture of it you would understand. I drop it kick it, slung it, stepped on it, dropped it in water. Its like an old Toyota pickup. It just keeps working. The battery goes almost all day depending on usage. I have no complaints. As a mater of fact I got a new one of ebay for 100 bucks and have yet to switch over to it. My wife got the HTC 10- not near as tough. She already broke it two time. Stick with the 9

  • Leon

I have this phone for more than 15 months. Still going strong, best buy ever. Very friendly to use. Would buy this phone anytime again.

  • cabbal

Ezio, 23 Sep 2017Say something about HTC M9 camera.....???? I'm going to buy it n... morePoor camera

  • LaurieA

Ezio, 23 Sep 2017Say something about HTC M9 camera.....???? I'm going to buy it n... moreI have had a HTC M9 for about 2 years ! I love it I feel it IS used friendly I added extended memory I have few thousand yes 1-2 K pictures in my feel memory. I have alarms, for different stuff. when I use the google maps -turn by turn - Feature n it's on for an hour giving directions via my data package the cell got warm. Then I learned I could ADD Directions to my HOMEscreen n use GPS it worked without getting warm. Check YOUTube with android authority!

Is there any battery life improvement in the latest update?