HTC One M9 Prime Camera

HTC One M9 Prime Camera

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  • khaled

good phone

  • Anonymous

Mar, 04 Feb 2017Why there are no information about primary camera image sen... moreThe problem is that this is not a very popular phone. Few people know that the standard One M9 exists, and that means even fewer know of this phone as the standard M9 is probably way more popular than this. I would buy the M9 or if the money is there, directly go for the HTC 10 because the M9 had some overheating problems, as all Snapdragon 810 phones

  • AnonD-727730

Rattley, glitchy bag of pants. Keeps loosing signal and interrupting any screen I'm on with an ohhhh help where's the network screen.

  • hoai.viet60

Mar, 04 Feb 2017Why there are no information about primary camera image sen... moreThis sensor camera and HTC one A9's sensor are same

  • naresh

do it have infrared sensor if yes than how to use it?

  • Mar

Why there are no information about primary camera image sensor size or pixel size. I spent 3 hours searching for information.

  • AnonD-640840

I've been using this phone since the time it's launched and here are my reviews.
Camera: Rare camera is amazing although it lags (rarely), but the extra yellow tinch it offers to the picture is amazing. Very satisfied with camera.
Speed: unless you load it to the neck and do not keep clearing the recent apps, it is quiet smooth.
Build: It's above par. Gives a very good hold in hand and looks classy.
In ear headphone: Didn't expect it to be so great but HTC has set me a benchmark.

Cons: This should have been a dual sim phone.
Battery: Should have been a bit more, considering the powerful mediaTek processing it pack in. Battery lasts a day with 4G turned on throughout.

  • Alex

mir, 07 Jun 2016It can't record 4k. Stop lying.It is recording 4K video. Nobody lying.

  • Anonymous

This phone is absolutely shit no updates shittest camera lags alot full of crap

  • HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Prime Camera - Post your opinion

  • Anonymous

nikum, 11 Oct 2016is it dual sim?No

  • Anonymous

What's the camera sensor ?
Quality of pics. ?

considering it coz of
Stereo speakers, against LG G4
(bootloop reported identified and solved months ago :)

  • ov

nikum, 11 Oct 2016is it dual sim?no

  • Martin

Hi everybody,

I got this phone in Poland and I don't know why some folks keep saying that it doesn't shoot in 4K... My version of Prime Camera Edition definitely does and apart from that the built-in quality is fantastic, pics are good enough for me and with my moderate usage time - some web browsing, texting, taking few pics etc. I have no probs to make it last 48 hours on single charge... The stereo speakers are just superb quality...
Was considerin Moto X Play but after playing aroudn with both phones I went for HTC PCE - sound quality, 4K video, stereo speakers and overall quality plus not too much of a difference (slightly in favour of Moto X Play) when it comes to battery life..
And one more thing to summarize: this is my 1st ever HTC phone, so I am not a biased fan of it:)

  • Johnny

This is exactly how they should have priced the phone (m9) £300 from Argos UK! Absolute bargain! Ultra Megapixel front facing camera! OIS in the back camera! Boom sound, Micro SD, 1080p screen, infrared.... The only thing to complain about is the Micro usb is really tight! Maybe after a few weeeks it will loosen...

  • nikum

Sanju, 29 Sep 2016Camera is too good but heating problem is it dual sim?

  • cayhanaydin

Thanks HTC for infrared port because remote controler all devices my home and office.

  • AnonD-590073

Please Help me...which is best...for,performance,gaming :(
Iphone 5s
nexus 5x
redminote 4
redmi pro
moto g4 plus
oppo f1s
samsung j7 prime 2016
samsung j7
one plus X
or any other???

  • Johnny

The main camera has optical stabilizer its very good! Ultra mega pixel selfie camera wow! Yes the phone does get warm but its made of metal! Let's not forget the Boom sound speakers! The screen is very bright too. Ive just put a 128gb card in hahaha

  • Sanju

Camera is too good but heating problem