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  • AnonD-405455

The X10 is a deca core is it not?

  • AnonD-374579

For those who are saying m8 and m9 are not symmetrical due to the bezel sizes, I ask them one question, how u guys see samsung note edge or note 4 edge, which has only one sided edge unlike s6. Do u also call it imbalance or asymmetrical?

  • AnonD-374579

ojoy, 10 Jun 2015why can't htc put higher front camera to thier gadgets? Excuse me, ever heard of htc desire eye, it has a 13mp xam on front and other manufacturers are now copying this feature

  • AnonD-171438

This phone is perfect I wish m9+ have this cpu
but I have m9 and I'm so gals by my phone really love it love it love it love it

  • bane


  • hydu

config, is very good. i wants to know about releasing date and price?

  • AnonD-302764

Lena, 10 Jun 2015OCD! not at all.A woman who has irregular eyes,ears or cheek bon... morePeople like what they like you been the same person all your life that's sad.

  • AnonD-171438

Beautiful and great HTC phone

  • Lena

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2015Yeah, sure. You sound so smart right now.-_-. That is exactly wh... moreOCD! not at all.A woman who has irregular eyes,ears or cheek bones who otherwise has perfectly shaped body cannot be considered beautiful.If so there is no meaning in saying something is beautiful.Have one more look at M8,M9 and this One Me.The speaker grill on the top bezel is toward one corner in all of them and in M8 and M9 the bottom speaker grill is much larger though perfectly centered on the bottom bezel. There may not be anything in this world with such an awkward design especially in the form of stereo/dual speakers. The sound may not be balanced on both grills since the difference in size may have an effect on the output level even if it is adjusted in the amplifier circuit

  • Anonymous

Just like the One M9+ only a bit lighter and a different colour.

  • Anonymous

Lena, 10 Jun 2015Asymmetry means ugliness.The front speaker grills should be of t... moreYeah, sure. You sound so smart right now.-_-. That is exactly what we call obsessive compulsive disorder. Can't help it when seeing something imperfect huh? Irregular design are gaining attention these day. People want to see something more unique rather than monotonous design.

  • Htc

TO****, 10 Jun 2015htc can not make anymore design better than this typical look. i... moreI know your feel bro

  • TO****

htc can not make anymore design better than this typical look. its boring to see the same corners and ideas. wake up htc.

  • ojoy

why can't htc put higher front camera to thier gadgets?

  • Lena

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2015Wonder why some hate this. I like the assymetrical design on the... moreAsymmetry means ugliness.The front speaker grills should be of the same size. The top and bottom bezels should also be of the same size.Then the screen will be exactly in the center of the phone flanked by two symmetrical speakers at equadistance on both sides of the screen. That's what you call beauty. Htc E9 and E9+ have equal sized speakers though the bottom bezel is a little larger than the top bezel. HTC m8 may have premium built and finish but the top speaker grill is not just smaller than the bottom speaker grill but also is placed to one side of the top bezel with front cam and other sensors on the other side that makes it ugly. M7 has same size speaker grills on the top and bottom they did it by placing the front cam on one side and the other sensors on the other side on the top bezel with a speaker grill in between which is the same size as the speaker grill on the bottom butterfly S and butterfly 2 also have equal sized speakers and bezels. M9 and M9+ are the other ugliest phones of htc because of the asymmetrical speakers.

  • Anonymous

Seriously!!?,already an upgrade to the flagship within 3 months? I bought my M9 a month back and it already feels outdated.
Absolutely gutted.

  • Axe

I'm a big HTC fan. And been loyal for 8 years.
but, this very moment, I feel like I just been bummmed. Bought my M9 in April and they announced this phone so early. Why not give the choices to start with?
This is why they trailing behind. They have a shit marketing department.

  • D-prince

I like it
But why HTC removed capacitive buttons to one screen buttons

In my opinion capacitive buttons are better then on screen ones plus it would give. a bit of extra screen radius too

  • shadi

it is better if this have water proof and dust proof. because it also a very useful feature.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2015Not just the mediatech. The design is bad too with uneven speake... moreand you are a phone desiner is just a phone!!! how cares about how it look for me looks great i mean.. hahahaha