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  • Dinesh

Front camera is the best. Rear camera has not the good result with flash . Processor os the best . But the company is ignoring this HTCOne Me for upgradation even to Marshmallow. Even the care services are not able to solve the issues

  • Tre'

Works great on ATT network in Atlanta. Battery could be better, but phone is great. Great price for a top shelf product...

  • Ak

aravinth, 20 Jan 2017I think, we wont get update at all, M9+ got its update in Nov201... moreI think so too..i tried to get info on twitter all they said was this-
"We don't have information to share as of this time, but please stay tuned on our social media channels for software updates announcements. Thanks"
This my last htc phone. Freaking samsung j7 got an update and my 29k phone is a disappointment.

  • aravinth

Ak, 16 Jan 2017Did anyone get mm update. E8 started getting mm update.? I think, we wont get update at all, M9+ got its update in Nov2016 (which is similar to our device, except for dual sim) but we didn't got update, more over HTC started to concentrate on Nougat Update, so ours is left out. :-(

  • Anonymous

Don't buy this phone. Rear camera 20mp is very bad. Dual flash make a yellow picture.Low quality picture.Battery backup is very bad.

  • aravinth

DIM, 18 Jan 2017Hi , any body using this mobile, can i know the front camera ... moreFront camera Quality is good, can take descent images even in low light, but my personal opinion don't buy this device, no support at all for this model

  • AnonD-634093

DIM, 18 Jan 2017Hi , any body using this mobile, can i know the front camera ... moreFront Camera is Excellent! 4MP but it is UltraPixel roughly equal to the 8MP but more sensitive in Low light condition , you can take selfies in Low light without any problem

  • DIM

Hi ,

any body using this mobile, can i know the front camera quality on this mobile ?

  • "Bro"

Got it yesterday new for 225$. I do not play games or watch stupid videos. Only talk, viber, use camera to make pictures of my children or documents.
+ Great design compared to 95% of todays devices (all iphone 6 copypaste).
+ Plastic body. I do not like metal.
+ Good screen.
+ Finger print sensor is good. Cheapest phone with it not from PRC.
+ Reliable camera.
+ Earphones in the package.
+ Funny android shell from htc.
+ Cheap for what included.
- Does not look very robust.
- Battery is for one day without heavy use. Gamers, not your phone.
- Boring black charger and earphones color.

  • AnonD-634093

Good Phone for the Price point , Amazing 2K Display with High PPI , 3GB RAM and X64 Processor Mediatek X10 which is not bad , It handles 4K video , 20MP camera well , Dolby Stereo sounds with 2K display make amazing feeling about this device
Problems are the Poor Battery backup , Battery is draining so fast and phone is getting bit heat , I bought a MI Power bank no any problems at all with battery Li-ion battery is designed to often charge
Most of people are blaming because at early this was 40K mobile now in half of price i bought it for half 40K ;) coz I accidentally doped my Sony Z2 and display got crashed

  • Ak

Did anyone get mm update. E8 started getting mm update.?

  • Aravinth

Any one having latest stock ROM for this device? I have accidently wiped system partician. Now twrp recovery showing "no os installed" pls give ROM download link

  • AnonD-632959

Super machine

  • Roshan

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2017I want to buy this phone (HTC one me). I only want the Camera a... moreThek its ok

  • roshan

AnonD-629096, 06 Jan 2017Excellent phone. Only one thing want to know, has it got the Ma... moreNo

  • Roshan

kal, 08 Jan 2017Guys i want to buy this phone (htc one me).its good or bad idea?... moreVery bad phone don't buy
Battery back up is very bad
Phone heats and lag too much
Specs are good
Camera and music is awsome
Screen is very good

  • Frank Martin

S.P., 12 Dec 2016Why u bought this device????? This will suck u everyday. If po... morehtc is not worst you selected the worst phone of this company i recommand you buy htc 10 then speak about htc i had this one yes you're right this one is worst but htc produced it by one of the worst and cheapest cpu in the world for satisfing poor customers didn't you know this when you saw the price?

  • Frank Martin

I recommand all of htc one me users to sell this cell phone soon i'm a htc fan and use a lot of htc cell phones,most of them were excellant in their situation and great performane in their produce year but this one powered by one of the worst cpu in the world as you know mediatek helio x10 this cpu is really weak in mathamatics,common use and...

  • Ak

Nish, 09 Jan 2017AgreedBest comment till one this page

  • Appu

Anyone rooted your device?
Pls post step by step guide,
I'm on unlocked bootloader.