HTC One S9

HTC One S9

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  • Hosa

AnonD-745638, 19 Mar 2018terrible phone if you wanna install and flashing a custom ... moreI dont believe that.. u can always find a custom rom that is compatible and if u follow instructions it should work

  • AnonD-745638

terrible phone
if you wanna install and flashing a custom rom or downgrade it and any custom change you'll be destroy! :)

  • AnonD-699714

- good price - 290 Euros;
- decent hardware and software response;
- battery, medium - ok;
- drop't it a few times, except for some scratches it's okay (also in water with detergent (powered on));
- very low quality materials: the metal back is made from soft aluminium, scratches instantly, the glass scratches extremely easy;
- Charges fully in about 2h;
- pretty mediocre camera;
- pretty thick;
- heats in the sun.
- pretty good phone for the price.

  • Mon-Ti

The device is very pleasing , l am happy with it.

  • Mon-Ti

HTC S9 review:
I have this phone for a while now..
- Battery life is less than average, browsing the internet on Wi-Fi for one hour decrease the Battery 28%.
- build quality is not great despite being metal back.there is a seem between the metal and the plastic and between the plastic and the screen.
- Not comfortable to hold in my hands.
-camera is average for a mid-ranger, no thing special.

I can not recommend it for use as a primary phone , the battery is slow to charge and fast to drain.

  • Mohammad

Bought it two days ago. It's too heavy (even comparing to LG G3 with 3000 mAh battery and a 5.5-inch display with 4K resolution), it doesn't fit well in one hand in spite of being a 5-inch phone (Sony XA fits well), and its camera is located at the worst place possible. It overheats when connected to the internet (both 4G network and Wi-Fi; just being connected, even when not browsing) or being charged. It makes me feel like I'm holding a Sony Ericsson P990: heavy, uncomfortable, and expensive. Do not make the mistake I made. Don't buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

What about battery backup

  • AnonD-636254

Chap, 13 Apr 2017Thanks zzzzy mate your comment is really helpful.would u pl... moreI played in the original settings. I mean i haven't changed them so i think it was in medium but not sure.

  • Chap

Thanks mate.

  • Chap

Thanks zzzzy mate your comment is really helpful.would u please tell me in which setting's you have played asphalt 8 medium or high?

  • AnonD-636254

Chap, 05 Apr 2017Is this phone lags in heavy games like asphalt nova and mc5... moreI bought this phone 4 months ago and i have played asphalt for a while.It was smooth and it was easy to play.For the temperature i don't know what is the max temp but sometimes when you play heavy games or use heavy apps it starts to heat but it's not a big problem and quickly becomes cool again.It is very comfortable to hold . For now I think it's a great phone.

  • Chap

Is this phone lags in heavy games like asphalt nova and mc5? And what is the max temperature of this phone is it uncomfortable to hold or not ? Plz someone tell me bcz I want to buy this phone.

  • AnonD-657123

Lore, 23 Nov 2016Hello, one tiny little question: does it have a notificatio... moreyes htc s9 had led ntf in the speaker

Does anyone know will this phone receive Nougat (7.0) ?

  • hellstone

AnonD-636254, 21 Jan 2017Hi, I have a question.Does your down front speaker works be... moreboth of mine works perfect,check the audio balance in settings

  • AnonD-636254

tf, 12 Sep 2016Exellent mobileHi, I have a question.Does your down front speaker works because my doesn't and i'm not sure if this is a defect?

  • AnonD-636254

does the front down speaker should work or it's only for decoration

  • avcc

does the down speaker should work or is it just for decoration?

  • Elenion

I bought this phone for 250€ and it's a deal..
+awesome build quality,awesome looking.
Boomsound double stereo speakers very good not as loud as m8 but more clean audio with bass choice .a very good 13mp sensor with 4k video recording very good at low light conditions both video and photos the sane for the front camera with ultrapixel sensor..1920x1080 full HD screen ..2gb of ram the phone has no problem running even overencumberd..
-2840mah battery
-16 gb storage( it takes micro SD up to 256gb)
-no fingerprint sensor

Overall a great mid-range phone for daily purposes with some flagship specs..

I feel lucky that I got this phone..

  • Rebel

I have the HTC Nine and it has given me nothing but trouble.