HTC One 32GB unlocked model priced at $575 in the US

22 April, 2013

We have already talked about the developer edition of the HTC One being sold in the US. The phone is similar to the one sold through carriers but is network unlocked and has an unlocked bootloader as well, facilitating things such as installing custom ROMs.

Now, HTC has released a new 32GB unlocked version of the HTC One, which is priced at $574.99 on HTC's online store in the US. The difference between this and the developer edition is that the developer edition has 64GB of internal memory and an unlocked bootloader. HTC makes no claims of the bootloader being unlocked on the 32GB model so we are assuming it's just network unlocked.

The phone is now on sale on the website but can seemingly only be ordered in the silver color. International buyers who may be interested in the device should know that HTC offers something called Global Warranty Support, which let's you repair the phone in your country under warranty but you'll have to pay the $35 shipping charges every time.

To purchase the unlocked version of the HTC One, click here. If you are more interested in the 64GB developer edition, you will find that here.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Oct 2013
  • uty

hi ,does this unlocked version has got global warranty??if so can anyone give me the link for global warranty statement of htc for this device???

  • disappointedcustomer
  • 01 Sep 2013
  • q$X

Same thing happened to me, I called their support and they explained to me that you have to be physically located in the US and pay with a US credit card (international cards won't work)... that's kind of stupid, because they intentionally lose cust...

  • AnonD-169311
  • 26 Jul 2013
  • Nk2

same thing happened to me ,,should someone order it for me in the united states????

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