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  • rajita

God this was my first android phone. Loved it back when I was 18. It felt so premium to touch and the screen is pretty nice. That feeling when I played some flying 3D airplane game while waiting for the lecturer to come in...Or having Photoshop on a phone.. Then 2 years later its starting to have wifi connectivity issues, and then overheating issues which greatly drained its battery life.
My phone now is half the price of that phone on launch and 10 times more powerful, 6 times more RAM, 3 times the battery with much more matured ecosystem.

Whaw it was almost 10 years ago. Holy hell, 2 years before 2012 I was still thinking of how awesome it is if you could emulate SNES games on mobile. Now I could literally get a phone with desktop power and basically doing freelance work on a phone... It's not even 10 years...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2021I've used it 4 years ago. One of the best LCD screens ... moreI left my HTC one x (s720e) bought in 2012, switched off in a bag in my attic for 7 years after moving house. Was rummaging through my attic today...found it and tried switching it on and it didnt I charged it for 1 hour and tried again and surprise...its come to life. I use a Samsung S10 but HTC One X phone is the best rugged tough smart phone I have used in my life. Beautiful display...working like a charm after all these years.


add the model pj46100 to the section :d

  • Anonymous

I've used it 4 years ago. One of the best LCD screens i've ever seen on a phone. I really loved that phone.

  • hafiz

i still using daily both one x n one x+ in 2020..what a legend

  • Anonymous

The best looking phone I have ever had.

One X did some things well, and others, not so much. It was lovely in the hand, to this date i still prefer polycarbonate unibody over all the other options. It had a interesting design, especially in white and it was nigh impervious to wear. It had performance, it had the looks and it had the feel of a quality product. But it couldn't hold on to its performance, it would thermal throttle very quickly once you started to use it and it had abysmal battery life. Try to use it while charging and it would overheat and before not so long just shut itself off to preserve itself. The user experience was a mix of great and terrible. It was great as long as you didn't use it much?

I really miss that awesome design and fantastic quality. Wish there are more creativity with today models, but sadly not, all by the same way and so called naaa...

Just got one for free, it works flawlessly.

  • Leena

The best phone ever....still using it and I just love it

  • JD

loved this phone. miss this phone. I don't know if I'll ever be happier with a phone.

The quad-core processor was something to brag about in 2012

This was cutting edge for 2012! Wow!

ChocolateLover, 23 Jul 2018This phone for being a phone of the year is rather disappoi... morei had this phone back then when it came out i really luv it but as per that time this was the best fone technology wasnt that good honestly poor battery heating up and lagging was a pain in the ass.

This phone for being a phone of the year is rather disappointing. It heats up really fast and is actually painful to hold. Wifi is weak. The sound is weak. It's terribly slow. There are some apps it won't let me download. Takes forever to charge. My former phone was the HTC Desire 620 and this is a definite downgrade. The screen just locks for no good reason. The camera is good though!

  • Volrath

I got the HTC OneX when it was just released it till is running great today

  • AnonD-701821

One of the best HTC has produced

  • Anonymous

nathan, 20 Jun 2017how can i upgrade my htc one x Look down link for Roms,mods on Xda

One of the best htc phone, just like the S3 of Samsung

  • squiglybob13

Omg reading these comments are painful. I sincerely hope a lot of these posts are by people whose native language isn't English. If it is, I feel sorry for you.

Anyways, I just came across this phone while going through some boxes. Charged it up, turned it on, and it works perfectly still. Don't expect it to stand up current devices or some apps but it's definitely a sturdy device.