HTC P3470

HTC P3470

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  • sunnyboy

mobile having windows 6 can not b updated to 6.1 u can chk that on microsoft

  • p.vajravel

Really it is very nice, i am using this brand phone upto this time and is it comfort for many operations.
I enjoy for ever.....

  • arsh

very practical and solid phone,one of the best windows phone i have used ,runs apps smoothly,best gps receiver,true value for money!!

  • john

Is it possible to update to Windows 6.5 in this phone?

  • vipul

complete crap but yes if you get in the latest windows 6.5 like I have done and you are able to bear the pain of no wifi and no 3g I think that windows 6.5 makes it pretty snappy.

  • Dennis page

Dont waste money on iphone, very solid PDA, fun and functional

  • paul topps


  • David Powell

Brilliant business tool, very functional but unlike i phone works brilliantly with windows apps.
Strongly recommended!!

  • Anonymous

Battery is not sufficient.

  • ell

htc p34070 thas the last model

  • Anonymous

Rams, 22 Mar 2009after completing the call, balance message is coming with sound,... moreI have wasted my money.. it is a useless phone n don't hve any latest features.. battery backup is only half a day....

  • anayat


can anybody knows the HTCP3470 problems?

  • kkb

Great phone-but no audio [for calls]with "speaker off" after 1 yr.

  • patrick parke

ive got the htc 3470 its a great phone im on the o2 network and cant seem to get the settings to go on the net or wap can you please help me my email address is

  • catia sicari

could someone pleasew provide MMS and Texts settings using an 02 pay as you go SIM because so far I have not been able to set the device HTC 3470 for this and cannot use the facility?

  • Anonymous

sam, 08 Apr 2009does any1 know whats the max storage allowed on fone?im usin a 4 gb n deres no problem so far...

  • piticu

i had this phone for about 2 months.batery life is like 2 days and a half.very hard to use it in daylight and the the touchscreen is hard to use with the finger so if you have both your hands free is not a problem to use it because you have the pen.not very good camera but not so bad(great zooming on a foto).

  • sam

does any1 know whats the max storage allowed on fone?

  • Mick UK

Having fully tested the hTC P3470 my opinion is the hTC P3470 Internal GPS is without doubt the very best quickFix internal GPS system and runs the tomtom 6 & 7 Sat Navigation software. The downfall is the phone does not have WiFi this itself is very disapointing when you consider what you pay also the phone does not have full TouchFlo interface however to get around this there is the SPB Mobile Shell 2.0 interface without doubt the best interface for windows mobile phones

  • Rams

after completing the call, balance message is coming with sound, don't know to disable the sound?
can any one tell me how to disable the sound?