HTC P3600

HTC P3600

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  • Shark

Well I mainly rely on GSM Arena for my mobile info and I found it quite good and detailed. And unfortunately I can't read Chinese :( though I like china.

  • Aniki

if u can read chinese pls go
it stated it oso got gps built in... in addition to wifi... 3g... edge... hsdpa... wow... wat a phone...

  • Shark

It's a cute piece of technology but it's missing the GPS receiver as this phone has way more features than P3300 but P3600 is only missing GPS receiver which is a good thing for business people who travel frequently and is a great help.

  • mike99

it has all the features possibly for this kind of device! more than nokia's best

  • Posoky

It's great i do need it use in my Country
hmm so cute and many fuctions specially radio FM and HSPDA and so small easy to use in hand and pocket.