HTC P6300

HTC P6300

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  • Bere

It is a nice phone/pda and is well adaptable for those doing business on the go. I have no use for it any more, so trying to sell it.

  • Anonymous

It dusnt hav 3g? That sux

  • D.T.

hey htc is best, no matter of screen size is 240*320, this is phone/pda with numerous cappabilities... i have this one for 3 years...and don't plan to change it :)

  • gamikzone

What were they thinking when they made this? This is a piece of crap, a 3.5 inch qvga screen, seriously that is sad

  • santhosh kumar

is there any Fingerprint reader or recogniser in HTC.

  • zafeer

sir i want to buy this mobile from your store please quote your best price. i m in uae also mention the shipping charges and time

  • aqeel

I need to change a Portuguese into english how it is possible please help me

  • 9lives

why the production is too low, the way that i did not find it even in dubai ? this gadget is perfect(from features reading ) .

  • Anonymous

i need know... this one its the same htc kaisser p4550?

  • ahmed

the mobile is gd but it didn't contains hifi this is the worest thing in this mobile but it is very good

  • Anonymous

does anyone know if you can edit windows applications if you have opened them up on here.

  • Kaiser

I still like the original O2 design, simple and to the point.

I would have purchased this device if it has just one things still missing in all Pocket PC since the Iphone:

*** Nice LARGE VGA Screen! and Decent Speaker ***

Don't really care about 3G or Edge, the service is just too expensive. Build in GPS would be nice to have but not necessary when you can buy GPS bluetooth dirt cheap now a day.

  • pantagana

like a little tv-with out remote control hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Kesh

Plannign to buy HTC P6300 can any one tell about this PDA, is this a worth good is this pls let me know

  • bodhi

GPS means Global Positioning System...

  • chung

where da f*** is Gps?

  • Anonymous

I am a huge HTC fan but damn, this thing sucks!

  • Anonymous

Yo mhebesha, if you are looking for outdated technology and on a budget. Qtek 2020i fit you perfectly.

  • mhebesha

I disagree with U , because not all the people can buy HTC shift (I mean advanced mobile with all features U need like GPS, 3G, WM6 pro) some people want large screen with original WM5 not cocked and 2 Mp camera and dont care about GPS, 3G BUT must be very reasonable PRICE.