HTC Rhyme

HTC Rhyme

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  • Iftikhar ahmad

How I check last call time

  • AnonD-564539

Whoops just uhh did something wrong the phone is colorful the back is a nice light blue blend the camera is ok in 2011 not 2017 secondary VGA nope nope screen could be bigger also the battery. 4.0 Stars

  • AnonD-564539

Thos phone is absoluteely col

  • Hellen

Hello , DEyan. We all think of HTC as a best brand of Intelligent phone. Our family use 11 Htc phone, and They work well now. If you have no knowledge about upgrade, Working slow is a common sense because it has no enough memory.

  • Deyan

This phone is a total crap. When it came out on the market the price tag was close to the iphone 5. My wife asked me to buy her this phone because of the color and the look. This was a great mistake. After updating to ICS Android 4.0 the phone is unable to handle anything anymore. It is totally slow. There are no custom roms for this device as well. Take my advice and never buy anything from HTC. I had several flagship phones like HTC One m8. If you want to buy an Android phone - buy Nexus, Pixel or something that is supported directly by Google.

  • Rafay

i m using this phone since last three years.

  • MOH

I am using this phone since 4 years until now
it is amazing and still good

  • Haris

zara, 04 Apr 2016hey can anyone plz tell me i have this mob and my mob is no... moreZara,, You've to flash up the cell n install the os again, then you'll be able to access ur cell smoothly again,,
.........Thank you

  • AnonD-524954

The best HTC phone. I have been using it from 3.5 years & still satisfied with performance.... Now deciding to buy HTC One X9....

  • syed

zara, 04 Apr 2016hey can anyone plz tell me i have this mob and my mob is no... moreyour mob power off then press volume down buttan and power on then some information show on secreen select factory restore option press power button and your mobile normaly start...

  • zara

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2015no :(hey can anyone plz tell me i have this mob and my mob is not working due to wrong pattern how can i unlock my phone plz tell me id is required but i type correct id still its not working plz tell me what i do ..

  • ad

by new speak,, simply ,, :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2015Does this phone get emojis?no :(

  • aftab

I have one problem with my htc s510b, if any body have solution, please let me know. I will be thankful.
speaker stop working, i can not listen any call

  • biggi

i purchase this phone

  • nawaz

this mobile real memory is one GB and real Ram is 550 mb can't update 4.0 80 persant application can't support this mobile

  • unknown

Anonymous, 08 May 20143g ??? :( ufone states it ain't a 3g cell fne Realy i'm purchasing this phone thanks for telling this..

  • Asif sagar

how to update GB to ICS????

  • Anonymous

Does this phone get emojis?

  • sabreena

My camera cannot start.y?