HTC S740

HTC S740

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  • Anonymous

between this phone and samsung m8800 pixxon, which is better?

  • RF

i want to know about its Battery?

  • K&G

htc rocks.

  • K&G

Here In INDIA The Phone Is Available For Rs - 9000/- Only Approx ($ 200) With Bill And Company Warranty.

  • Koo

Koo, 27 Dec 2008Anyone got TomTom 6 working on it?btw, I was able to install it but I can't see the app anywhere in order to launch it.

  • Koo

Anyone got TomTom 6 working on it?

  • Anonymous

i m going to replace my ppc, to nokia 8800-he people, dont buy a window ppc on a high cost which does not support even flash animations on desk top!!! any cheapest mobile can do it better than ppc. & who are making money by selling their so called BEST AWARDED animated software venders, are authorized agents of micro soft & htc, i hate window ppcs

  • eagle

optional, 16 Dec 2008i got to hold it in my hands at the store! im in yes ! love at first sight . i didn't even ask what functions does it come with... just bought it right there. sooooo beautiful !

  • Terry

Anyone knows what kind window applcation s740. i don seem to able to install any program.

And mapking dose not support.

  • optional

i got to hold it in my hands at the store! im in

  • AR 159

It has the length of a Nokia E50, it is as thick as a SE K850i and is 10 gr. lighter than the Xpedia.
Is has big num. buttons. the QWERTY-pad works great. It is fast with wifi.
The screen is not so big, but every advantage has a disadvantage.

It fits well in the pocket of your jeans, try that with a Iphone!
I have it 3 days and i'm very impressed with it!

  • AnoNIMus

What do you think of that phone Deloge?

  • anybody

It does have a build in radio.

  • Anonymous

i think the screen is small compared to its function

  • Anonymous

Hanif Bhutto, 28 Nov 2008nice features but inconvenient due to lake of touch LCD i will p... moreI actually enjoyed my non-touch phone.
The only thing that made me unsatisfied with it is that developers are jumping to the touch screen faction so the existence of the keypad in smartphones are not optimized.

  • ALI

i love this phone....but its to much costly

  • nicksti

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2008It can be better if it had more color than 65K. for example 256K... more65K is a limitation with the OS so why build it for more? (i900 says they can support more but again limited by OS).

  • Anonymous

It can be better if it had more color than 65K. for example 256K or more

  • Anonymous

This phone provides a great balance between a phone and a PDA.

The lack of touch screen is a great benefit. It allows you to use the phone with the keys, while using the qwerty pad for PDA

  • cal

Anyone using the phone please tell me if it does have a feature like...when you send a text message it have an option to send to all the people on the list?

Please tell me! Thank you!