HTC S740

HTC S740

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  • juma contrad

i have the htc s740 but the battery is gone off completely,can someone help me where i can get it in kenya,or in nairobi and at how much,i ll appriciate so much

  • Anonymous

worst phone i've ever had

  • sarrm

hi all i have htcs470 win6.1 can any one help me how 2 update win6.1 to win.6.5 kindly send me the correct link aur guide me ..


  • Anonymous


  • viman

i have this phone, and wow, its the worst phone i ever had. dont even take it if somebody gives it to you for free. very very troublesome

  • jim

best phone ever,never crashes

  • Bruce

Agree with previous poster, worst phone I ever had.

I'll never ever buy another windows mobile phone.
No software updates, no ability to upgrade from 6.1 to any future version. First HTC experience as well so not impressed with them either.
The phone itself sucks, the keyboard has no key distinction so it's as bad as typing on a touch screen, maybe worse because they keys are so small.
It's slow and clunky and getting apps for it sucks too.
I tried to give it to my GF when her phone broke and she absolutely refused.

  • Mea

Worst phone i have ever had. Battery last less than a day. It freezes. T9 dictionary you can't get off and it irritates the life out of me.Difficult to use qwerty keyboard on a level surface.Looks smart but useless.
I dropped my handbag with my phone in it and my screen cracked.UTTER RUBBISH!!!!!


This is by far the best phone i have used, it does have issues of hanging up the older the phone gets but then i believe that has something to do with windows being loaded on the phone ;) very sturdy excellent battery life and a pleasure to use i havent had to take mine into the shop and i have had it for almost 2 years. brilliant app support and web browsing slightly technical blu tooth sharing but this is a very reliable and powerful phone and highly recommended

  • Anonymous

sUvzzZZ, 07 Oct 2010about to get the htc s740 ,should i ??? im from sadont! its very slow and the t9 dictionary is irretating!! you cant remove it

  • gursewak

no use this ph ok i like ph ok

  • sUvzzZZ

about to get the htc s740 ,should i ??? im from sa

  • justicemarabe@gmail.

jane, 06 Mar 2010how do i put mxit on the phone? i have downloaded it and the can... moreI gt mxit on mine bt sumtimes it jst freezez on me & now recently i took it fo repairs to reload the windows software.I hope it doedsnt gv me the same problem again.

  • Ditshego Justice

Shawn, 25 Aug 2010Bad battery......Mine just freezed & the bettery lasts less than a day.

  • sargentbash

great phone i have had the unit for 18 months not a single thing with my phone untill it went for a software upgrade to htc , leaf , now its has gone back for the 3rd time , but i still luv the phone , great for texting qwerty keyboard is great to use , im currently useing a blackberry pearl 8100 , what a crappy phone ! htc you made a great and comfortable phone good job

  • kesternelly

i like this phone so much my battery last for 2days before i charge,with browsing and games am ok

  • Shawn

Bad battery......

  • Both

i must format the batter if is new, sealed?

  • K

This is the best phone I have ever used. The hardware is powerful and complete. The software could be a bit better, but it is good (esp after installing Opera Mini 5 for Windows Mobile).
Just to be clear, it can't be compared to the trendy touchscreens out there simply because they have different appeals (Can you use your iPhone with one hand comfortably?)
And I don't care about prettiness; usability is king!

  • The worst one

This is the worst Windows mobile by HTC I have ever used