HTC says it's not announcing the Vive 2 at CES

29 December 2016

Yesterday a rumor talked about HTC unveiling the second generation Vive VR headset at CES in just a few days. The new model would be wireless, making it a much more interesting design compared to its predecessor.

While the Vive 2 may turn out to be wireless after all, it's certainly not coming at CES. This has been stated in clear terms by HTC itself to UploadVR. Here's the full official statement on the matter:

There is no truth to the rumor of launching Vive 2 at CES 2017. At Vive, we are laser focused on building out a strong and growing ecosystem for current and future Vive owners so they can experience the best room-scale VR with the most compelling content available.

If you had high expectations following yesterday's rumor, you should now let those go. On the other hand, many owners of the original Vive might have felt betrayed if HTC outed a new headset just a few months after that one went on sale. So this is anything but bad news for those people. Their shiny toy gets to be the latest and greatest (at least from HTC) for a while longer.