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  • So

Jameden, 14 May 2019768MB RAM?! I thought it had 1GB RAM! That's just ridiculou... moreFlagship phone? It floats?

768MB RAM?! I thought it had 1GB RAM! That's just ridiculous for a flagship phone for the time.

so beautiful device & nice size for handling, still working fine for me after almost 8 years of course i changed the battery several times and installed viper custom rom the only thing that annoying is 1 gb internal storage that was great in 2011 not in 2018 or 2019

Fletcher, 05 Apr 2018please improve the battery and we are facing problems with ... moreThis is an old phone from 2011...

  • Fletcher

please improve the battery and we are facing problems with wifi connection,it only connect for a just few seconds

To be honest, the Samsung Galaxy S II was overall a much better phone than the HTC Sensation.


HTC SENSATION is one of the best phones with good camera..But why does mine's bluetooth and radio doesn't work??
And it gets hot very there anyway you can fix it??

  • Anonymous

I would like HTC to release a new edition of the Sensation with new hard& software but with the same outlook esp the camera layout and ofcourse improve on the speaker!

  • AnonD-647438

one of the BESTEST phones i ever did have. had for about 7.yrs, pity theres no more upgrade, its functionality is better than the HTCone, you could manipulate it to do almost anything.
my samsung s7 edge dosent even compare :-(

  • AnonD-628214

guys who ever who can read thiis please help me. i have a htc like that but its solid frozen i do reboots and factory reset and i still frozen and my usb port is broken but my charger is universal charger so o can charge my removable battery my phone is solid frozen and i dont know how to do please help me. please i really missed my phone please help me.

  • AnonD-392738

root it and look for a custom Cyanogen mod 13 ROM (marshmallow) i found one with overclock, and marshmallow can format your SD to use it as an extension of your internal memory. I was trying that ROM but my sensation display stopped working.

  • random guy

phone is trash

  • Anonymous

HK, 20 Oct 2016This is the best mobile I ever used. I bought 4 years bac... moreagreed. have been used for 4 years too and no problem at all

  • HK

This is the best mobile I ever used.
I bought 4 years back but still working very nice. Of-course changed battery once, other than that every thing is good!
Gorilla Glass is highly impressive. I didn't use screen guard from past 4 years, still there is no single mark on screen.
Because of old OS version and less internal memory I'm changing my phone now.

  • Raymond

How can update my HTC sense one, from android 4.04 to 4.4 and others fixtures online? thanks.

  • hellen

It is a good phone that I have ever used. It has smart reaction and sharp camera. It's a pity
people can't appreciate it now.

  • k

bad internet connection

  • Anonymous

Used HTC Sensation for three months. It was perfect phone and one of the best I had but I get rid of him because of the bad battery; overheating and overdraining.

  • 06

Clem , 31 Oct 2015the phone keeps restarting itself anytime I switched on the... moreGo to setting-security-trusted certified-the unmarked the Russian type or something write like a z':${]¿ unable that you can solve that problem

  • winnie

Can this one get 4G? I have some problem in internet. Thank you.