HTC Sensation 4G

HTC Sensation 4G

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This phone wasn't actually 4G despite the name, HSPA was a 3G technology

4G wasn't even a thing in my country at the time of this phone's release!

  • Anonymous

Mobile data can't run.. Has a low internal memory.. Can't run instagram app..

  • AnonD-654789

abnormal shutdown hence making my bluetooth unworkable

  • Joel

After upgrading Sensation 4G I am experiencing no connection to wifi, please help.

  • Dion

Screen no display. Im looking for a replacement. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

how can i update my HTC Sensation 4G

Never try .........

  • HTC user

after upgrading ICS facing some problem ,like wifi inoperative,network problem.
can anybody help me???????

  • ali

i like phone

  • Another un-satisfied

The HTC Sensation used to work fine in 3G mode on the T-Mobile network however I can only use it in 2G mode now. They installed the LTE network and disabled the HSPA network. The good news is T-Mobile gave me a free Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone for free which has LTE. The bad news is their tech support didn't tell me about it. I had to go into their main store to get it. DO NOT BUY THE HTC Sensation. It will not work on the LTE network.

  • Patel

ali, 08 Sep 2015please send link jelly bean update t mobileHtc sensation GSM T-Mobile 4g unlock download what's app help

  • ali

please send link jelly bean update t mobile

  • AnonD-402573

so wat could be the problem. using htc one X

  • Guri

aazim, 12 Jun 2014hi people ,i have been using HTC since more than a year, ca... moreHtc sensation 4G kida da mobile aw frnds

  • Paaoo

My phone sometimes restart on it own without i restart restart automatically

  • rehan

how can i update my HTC Sensation 4G

  • Juan

aazim, 12 Jun 2014hi people ,i have been using HTC since more than a year, ca... moreEbay

  • Juan

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2014am i the only one around here who is having battery problem... moreBuy another battery.

  • AAlmustafa

Very reliable and high quality for the exception of the volume rocker

  • bagaya

htc gives me trouble but they ar still the best