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  • Anonymous
  • i8V
  • 18 Feb 2024

This phone is like the first iPhone because the first iPhone is also 240x320 pixels and also 3 mp rear camera but gsmarena is little bit bad because by other phones that have also front camera but gsmarena don't show the front camera quality and that suck gsm is not the best tech information

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    • Anonymous
    • i8V
    • 18 Feb 2024

    I mean prosecer

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      • Anonymous
      • i8V
      • 18 Feb 2024

      Is snapdragon s1 actually a good prosser?

        It has the design of a slider feature phone.

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          • AnonD-785279
          • th2
          • 30 Aug 2018

          My first android phone. I still got this but the digitizer is broken and planning to repair it. But my first HTC phone was HTC Diamond. Hope HTC can release good phones again.

            I'm 17 and I'm still using this phone.

              If people still use THIS phone as a daily driver, well I'll lost faith in them!

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                • Rispons
                • La5
                • 13 Apr 2017

                Tap menu when in call you will see loudspeaker..

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                  • Sevvy
                  • nw}
                  • 07 Apr 2017

                  How do you get loud speaker on the phone when there is an incoming call?

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                    • Martin
                    • 0np
                    • 06 Aug 2015

                    You can install 2.3 on it,even 4.0,but its way too laggy with 4.0 so I reccommend 2.3.Search for it in xda.

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                      • nhyira
                      • fsT
                      • 05 Jul 2015

                      lonesomedovepk, 06 Nov 2014Root your phone and Install cyanogenmod ROM latest then Ins... morehow can i root and install new rom

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                        • rallapag
                        • LHe
                        • 09 Dec 2014

                        Coz it's an old Android.

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                          • lonesomedovepk
                          • Lb1
                          • 06 Nov 2014

                          rav, 26 Sep 2014Not supporting Watsapp...Is thre any way to install and Run... moreRoot your phone and Install cyanogenmod ROM latest then Install it.Now Whatspapp should work fine.Tested and working.May have some limitations.

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                            • rav
                            • Iat
                            • 26 Sep 2014

                            Not supporting Watsapp...Is thre any way to install and Run this app ??

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                              • affairica
                              • prQ
                              • 19 Sep 2014

                              why does it have resistive touchscreen if it's an android?

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                                • SUZEN PATEL
                                • 7wy
                                • 06 Aug 2014

                                in my handset why only mtnl sim support,,not another sim

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                                  • schmultarr
                                  • JIx
                                  • 12 Jul 2014

                                  AnonD-260398, 04 May 2014Specification Comment: My Tattoo dosent take a Mini-SIM, i... moreMini-SIM is the standard SIM. Smaller SIMs are micro- and nano-.
                                  {Fullsized SIM was of credit card size.}

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                                    • AnonD-260398
                                    • tZq
                                    • 04 May 2014

                                    Specification Comment:
                                    My Tattoo dosent take a Mini-SIM, it just takes a standard SIM card
                                    Answer Question @a7mad fone @jodi
                                    It comes with a old version of the android Market... But it is exactly the same a Google Play...
                                    If you want you can Install Cyanogenmod 7 and then you will have Google play, and more apps will be compatible

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                                      • jodi
                                      • t7X
                                      • 01 Feb 2014

                                      a7mad fone, 17 Dec 2013i want to know if htc tattoo support google play or not ?Yes,
                                      you could easily download android apps

                                      however it is only Android OS v1.6 (Donut),
                                      still there are lots of android apps out there in google play

                                        • k
                                        • khan
                                        • KIB
                                        • 21 Dec 2013