HTC Tattoo is getting the v2.1 (Eclair) update soon

12 March, 2010

We've been through the will they, won't they get the update thing a few times before with the HTC Magic and Hero, but HTC Tattoo owners can breathe a sigh of relief - HTC confirmed that the Tattoo is getting the 2.1 Eclair update. They just need a little more time to finish porting the Sense UI to the new version of the OS.

Having the latest version of Android on your phone is important in many ways - without it, you don't get access to the new goodies coming out of Google Labs. For example, Gesture Search for Android is available for v2.0 and up (the HTC Tattoo is currently at v1.6) and Google Earth for Android is for v2.1, which means just for Nexus One for now, the Motorola MILESTONE (DROID) when it eventually gets the update.

So, HTC have confirmed that there is a v2.1 update coming to the HTC Tattoo, though they didn't say when. "Just a little bit longer" is as specific as they got.



Reader comments

  • khayal

how do update android2.1

  • MOOI

i charge everytime before sleep for the following day,yeah there n thats it.

  • Gicheru 69

loving the news!!! how do u upgrade?

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