HTC to hold a press conference on January 5 at CES

29 December, 2014

The annual CES expo is upon us, opening for the public on January 6 in Las Vegas, USA. It's a tradition major players to announce their devices the day before at dedicated pre-CES events.

LG will be first opening first at 8AM local time, followed by Samsung at 2PM and Sony at 5PM. Sharp and Panasonic will be showing off their latest tech the same day as well.

HTC has also sent invitations for an event on January 5 though the time is yet to be confirmed. The company is expected to introduce the rumored HTC One (M8) successor known as HTC Hima. It should be one really snappy device packing the fastest chipset available and running on 1080p resolution display.

We'll be on CES to cover everything for you, so stay tuned!



Reader comments

  • AnonD-203790

Yeah, HTC is greet! I hope they will have the specs: - 5inch for there flagship. And for mini should have 4.7 inch.(QHD, 5k-ppi) - 32/64GB internal - 4GB/5GB RAM - 16MP or 32MP Camera (Front & Back) - 5000mAH Battery for Li-po &...

  • Anonymous

Oh, an batteries degrade over time even if you don't use them, so 2 years with light usage or even no usage and its life will still be degraded. And with very heavy usage current phones don't even last a day, so its lifespan can easily be under a yea...

  • Anonymous

No, they don't have higher charge cycle. And it will be "up to 3 years" if you are a light user (Which contradicts the choice of buying a flagship) and also if you don't mind using it with a reduced capacity. For a heavy usage it may last j...

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