HTC Touch Dual

HTC Touch Dual

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  • Izzu

It's a smartphone, using Windows OS. I've used it for work.

  • Horis

Not a fake!
My first "smartphone", nostalgie

  • AnonD-633546

ROXTAN BAIBE, 22 Jan 2014is it a smart phone or what?is it original or fake cause i ... moreIt's not a smartphone. It's not fake.


is it a smart phone or what?is it original or fake cause i have it long lasting or long does it last?

  • Anders

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2013is this regarded as a smart phone ? No.

  • eeyee

cliff manyela, 06 Aug 2013i got the phone bt its cable is damaged am in africa malawi... moreu can attach any mini-USB cabel

  • Anonymous

is this regarded as a smart phone ?

  • cliff manyela

i got the phone bt its cable is damaged am in africa malawi i cnt find it any where in malawi bt i still love my phone where should i find this cable?

  • pr83

Blaze, 17 Jul 2012I am using the htc touch dual phone, the phone is fine, but... moreIt's a 5 year old phone running a discontinued OS. No one's going to do anything about it, ever.

  • AnonD-117537

My Teenager knew what he was doing when he hit me up for 50$ for it , told me wifi , its not , Prob ok for a business as i have everything working but can't afford data use.Tricky for an ol girl to learn , shoul've saved my money for a newer wifi phone ,slick these teens , I'm not laughing though just p...

  • steve

thanx for the good work.but the only prob ismthat the phone has TFTeesistive touch screen.cant u make adjustments?

  • Blaze

I am using the htc touch dual phone, the phone is fine, but I am having problem running my facebook application and other java applications with it. Please do something about it.

  • doriandun


In a nutshell i have found a custom rom, that makes using your Htc touch dual aka touch plus p5550, an absolute beaut. installed on 16 key, niki 200 ' originally t mobile uk'

I have tested this rom myself for a week, and the most impressive thing is the battery life, it remains very, very, very stable.

i tested it against my sonyericsson elm, to gauge the battery life

the test i done was:

Play a video using both devices media player.

The sonyericsson elm used 1hr at 10%
the touch dual used 45 mins at 10%

Making phones calls - no crackles, crystal clear

video quality is good, but you may have to format some of your movies to 320 by 240

Playing audio is nice [via windows mobile media player, or audio manager]

Reception is good

Navigating thru the menu's. please note you will have to install adobe le, calculator and audio manager, seperate cabs files, when you find the rom, in the same forum, you should find the cabs

prior to installing this rom i had

this is awrold wide english rom

ROM version: 2.16.831.3
Radio version:

this rom was shockingly poor, battery would run down within 12w hours, with minimum usage.
the orignal rom

TMO_UK_2.06.110.2_Radio_NikeMR_1.65.28.25 _signed_Ship.exe - this rom was just as bad for battery

also tried

Nike WWE 2.16.831.3 Radio NikeMR - just as bad - battery would run out,,,,just on standby

The rom that i am now using is a windows 6.5 rom, please note that a few steps must be undertaken before flashing your phone with this rom. if unsure. ask

The rom

TITANIUM ULTIMATE in SPANISH,ENGLISH & GERMAN - WP.6.5 created by josemaesra, to find the rom, just do a google search with this title


One word of precaution, before you install - you must install the microsoft netframework cab, that will be found on the same page of the rom 1st, also after installing the rom you will see the battery info illustrated, once you click the icon, twice, the reading on the left is the one to go by, and don't forget to close applications using task manager in the menu, change your reginal settings to your location.

Lastily i amm not affilated with the creator of the rom. for any assistance, or queries about their rom, you will have to do it thru the forum, anything general and basic, i can be of help.


  • Anonymous

Dear HTC,

I cannot believe that actually agreed with a saleslady that an HTC may be better than a Nokia for a change. What a disaster ! Got a Touch Dual in Oct2007, hardley opened the package, used it briefly at end of 2010, with a bit of success. When the keypad not working eventually got the better of me, I took it in, it was apparently "reset" and worked briefly and then didnt work again. Took it in again and NOW, not even the touch screen works. Of course, they wanted me to pay more that the phone was worth to me to have it "fixed" . The touch screen didnt even even work after getting it back from the technicalwhome assessed it for 'repairs'. Cannot help but wonder if they removed or broke something as it was returned in worse working condition than it was sent in. What a joke. Thanks HTC, I have renewed respect for Nokia and Blackberry, which I have kept using throughout. While all units have issues/problems, at least they are always easy and quick to sort out. The only place suitable for this HTC now which you can onyl make calls off if you are very patient with the the dustbin as my children will not even use it !

A converted NON-HTC user
Johannesburg, SA

  • florence

how to turn on my data connection?

  • Sam

HTC Touch Dual phone is waste phone, it has many issues like (Using the phone since 1yr)
1. sometimes it will swith off continously
2. when music plays the light of the cell will glow, if u off the phone temporarily then music will be closed.
3. cannot open any documents (like word) for the first time, i mean we have to switch off the phone and then have to switch on then it will open the doc.

and lots more many

Sincere sujjestion is not to buy the phone...

  • Sam

HTC Touch Dual Phone is waste phone, had many issues like (Using the phone since 1yr)

  • rahul

nice phone,i used 1 yr for this phone,this phone supports lots of application and software .,,its all read zip files ,awsome phone and sound is also gud

  • varathan

how can put simcard

  • Anonymous

my touch pad is not working...can anyone knows hw much i will cost to put a new touch pad??? plz helpp