HTC Touch HD starring in an exclusive deal with Orange UK

28 Oct, 2008

Orange, one of the major carriers in Europe, announced that the HTC Touch HD uber device will be available in the UK from early November, exclusively on the Orange UK network until 2009.

Of course, we already knew that the HTC Touch HD is coming in UK around this time of the month, however nobody saw the exclusive deal coming. Obviously customers will be highly tempted in choosing between the T-Mobile exclusive G1 and the Orange exclusive Touch HD.

Orange will offer the HTC Touch HD for a price tag of 80 GBP if you enroll on an 18-month contract with a monthly fee of 40 GBP. The monthly package includes up to 250MB of wireless mobile traffic, which should come in handy as the Touch HD is a true connectivity monster.

The phone will be available from Orange via Orange stores, Orange Telesales and Orange online shop. The handset will also be available from Orange in France and Romania in the forthcoming months.

Just so you know, we also have a preview of the state-of-the-art Touch HD; just hit the red link for our first impressions of HTC Touch HD.


Reader comments

  • Caps
  • 06 Nov 2008
  • mxf

Hum maths .... ok i'll improve it and u should have an eye test... hows that!

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Nov 2008
  • 2Zg

it was owesome everybody should buy this phone milkyboy

  • Anonymous
  • 31 Oct 2008
  • nEk

Donut! It's £40 x 18, plus the £80 cost of the handset. Which does equal £800.

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