HTC U11+ to come in a new translucent color

HTC is having a launch event on Nov 2 where it will launch the HTC U11+ and another rumored device called the HTC U11 life. We’ve already seen the latter leaked through benchmarks and photos. However, we still haven’t heard much about the HTC U11+, the device rumored to be a refreshed version of the HTC U11 with a taller 18:9 display.

Even though details about the device are scarce, we can pretty much imagine what it would look like. Thanks to @evleaks, we are also expecting a new rumored color.

The tweet mentions three color options for the supposed HTC U11+: (brilliant) black, (amazing) silver, and (??) translucent. We’ve not seen such a color come from HTC and the company may be planning to debut it on the HTC U11+.

HTC U11 in Amazing Silver

Translucent does not mean transparent. It would be really cool to see through the glass into the phone’s innards, but this was only acceptable on things manufactured in the 90s. Our guess is the phone will have the same Ice White color behind the glass, but the glass will have a "frosted" matte finish on the exterior.

The HTC Life’s current rumored specs include a Snapdragon 630 (though, conflicting rumors say Snapdragon 660), and 3GB of RAM. A 5.2-inch display is said to be powered by a 2,600 mAh battery.

Meanwhile, the HTC U11+ is rumored to have the same specs at the HTC U11 with the exception of a taller 18:9 display. Thus, moving the fingerprint scanner to the rear, as seen on the November 2 teaser.

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  • Anonymous

Lol I thought it was a transparent phone like JerryRigEverything does.

  • Anonymous

I completely agree with you. So Shut up and Stop Cryn o-O

  • AnonD-114492

i completely disagree, im much more a fan of the V30 and Pixel xl2 with front facing speakers. btw the U 11 looks better than the S8 on the backside