HTC U12+ to come with translucent color option, high price

09 May 2018

As the HTC U12+ inches towards official status, more and more details become available. The most recent tidbit details the color options: Black Red Rose, Violet and Translucent (a semi-transparent back that was introduced with the U11+).

Most of the specs are already known, but now we’re getting info on what’s going to be available in Europe – a 64 GB model in single and dual SIM flavors “And it won’t be cheap”, concludes @rquandt without citing a specific number.

Anyway, you can get in the U12+ spirit with this wallpaper:

HTC U12+ wallpaper
HTC U12+ wallpaper

@LlabTooFeR has promised to posts a new wallpaper from the upcoming flagship every day, so if you like the style, you might want to frequent that Twitter account.