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  • Ibby

I have had a HTC since the HTC ONE M8 came out in 2014 . Then I moved to the M9+ when it came out in 2015 and it was a good phone . Then the U19e came out and I have since had that and to be honest the U19e is a very good phone . Powerful processer , quality graphics, superb build design and quality . Overall it's a remarkable phone . If their is anything negative to say it would only be that the camera is a bit blurry at medium light but pictures in the sunlight are incredible on it . It's htc's best smartphone to date .

  • ravencat1313

I used to have an HTC A9 that I've traded for this phone in the US. I am a fan of HTC and the A9 had pretty much the same features of the S7, yet was not really heard of. I think the same about this phone. The battery life is excellent, the screen of course is amazing looking as always and I have to have an oled it's a thing of mine. The missing headphone jack is irrelevant bc the result is a truly awesome upgraded sound experience. The only thing I wish I knew before buying this phone was that not all the LTE bands would work for the US. I had Metro on TMobile network and it was aprox 25% compatible meaning if I left a large city I didn't have 4g only Edge and I switched to ATT and only ended up with a larger bill and a little bit better 4g coverage but end up with HSPA in the country, I'd say it's 75% compatible if you wanna pay. Other than that, which is no fault of HTC bc it wasn't made for where I'm using it, it's a great quality phone for the price.

  • Nat

Una, 14 May 2020The HTC One 8 is the longest lasting phone I ever had, stil... moreU can try shoppe or lazada app, they got delivery services. :)

  • bazooooka bob

Hi, I was considering buying the HTC u19e, but I cant find any details about the update policiy of HTC. Since this phone is one of the latest releases, does anyone know if this phone will get android 10 in europe.

  • Anonymous


  • Una

The HTC One 8 is the longest lasting phone I ever had, still perfect after 4 years of daily use.
I want to upgrade to the U 19 or U 12 but no HTC products are available in Ireland. How do I order a recent HTC to continue my billpay plan with 3 Mobile? Its the best and most durable phone by far.

As much of a hole HTC has dug itself into, I have to be honest. I kinda regret not getting this phone instead of the Galaxy A50. But hey, I had 1 day to decide.

the last phone before a legend dies
bye htc

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2020Any one know Wat it's like with it not ip68 or What ever rated? It has IP68.

  • Anonymous

Where is the edge sense?

  • Anonymous

Any one know Wat it's like with it not ip68 or What ever rated?

In Europa? I nead a new phone.

  • teddy

i like this phone. superb camera.

  • HTC

Babakkazemi, 08 Feb 2020Xiaomi Quality and price better than htc I use both Mi 9t b... moreWho cares what you use. Xiaomi price is better than everyone, but the quality isn't better. The android software of xiaomi phones is unpleasant. I wouldnt buy Xiaomi over HTC/Pixel/OnePlus or even Huawei.

  • Babakkazemi

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2019Listen,listen brothers. All of negative comments are meanni... moreXiaomi Quality and price better than htc I use both Mi 9t better than this phone

I've had the HTC One X, Desire ,M9+,X9u ,and now U19e it great and the battery life is great this phone is well thought out and put together ,the security choices ,Iris scan, facial recognition,and finger prints plus regular security options it's fast and the oled screen making it exeptional

  • jp

It's only this time they're getting it right. But it's already too late. Others does not want to spend time looking at their mediocre phones with mediocre batteries, mediocre screens, mediocre RAMs. That's the cost of not listening to their customers in the first place

  • Adma

Htc is coming back in market

  • Un4given

I found out that I was getting this as a Christmas gift! And not I can't wait to get it, I love HTC and I hope they can make a comeback! I am currently using an HTC U12 plus 👍

  • Anonymous

joker, 18 Nov 2019u have good friends....:PAnd you are envious for sure.i agree u19e has great would shifted to amoled screen at least 3years ago.this phone has amoled screen+great camera,huge storage,fast soc and all means u19e is great phone.ok envous?