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  • Jakspak

hello o, 11 Jul 2021what now , still using it ?I've had my HTC U Play since mid 2016, and am still using. In that time, I've replaced the battery once. The front camera no longer works, nor does the NFC. There is no update to the Android V6 it comes with . I would not recommend the HTC U Play. If you have a lot of apps installed, it's slow, and can be quite unresponsive and very frustrating. I'm looking at replacing it soon, ideally with a Samsung A52 5G.

  • Jakspak

Ryan, 04 Feb 2021Can you update new software of HTC u playno. It's stuck on Android v6 (marshmallow)

  • hello o

SadNLonely, 22 Jul 2018i had been used this htc u play since jan 2018 pros +th... morewhat now , still using it ?

  • Ryan

Can you update new software of HTC u play

  • Ghost

cyber, 03 Sep 2020that phone has metal frame and glass back,please update your infoNope, the one that have glass back is htc ultra... htc u play only have plastic back

  • cyber

that phone has metal frame and glass back,please update your info

  • Sanju

henz, 22 Apr 2020I like hTc,...but this type is terrible Battery is very..v... moreBro, Just restore your mobile. Then it will be switch on quickly

  • Mallu

The worst phone that I've ever used. The battery life is extremely poor, it only last for just 10min.

  • Mr. Man

I bought this phone for my mum and sold it in 1 month for a small price because of irritative worst battary life and heating.
Battary life is almost 2 to 3 hours some times. Really worst phone ever.

  • Adriano_Galliani

henz, 22 Apr 2020I like hTc,...but this type is terrible Battery is very..v... moreUninstall Google app. Only way to solve this particular problem.

  • AloofChancer

what is going on with the battery?!?!?!!!

  • henz

I like hTc,...but this type is terrible
Battery is very..very... bad
glas protection is poor
Start Up so slow...always show optimizing 1 of 1...

  • Frédér

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2020Battery is very badHi Petkovic,
I have same problem on mu HTC U_Play, it takes more than 10 minutes to start because of "optimisation of app" at the startup. I uninstalled all my apps and lateste updates. I found that it is because of "google" application latest update. You need to uninstall latest updates for this app. Hope this help, regards.

  • Anonymous

Battery is very bad

  • Petkovic

Yeah,the battery sucks...But after two years of using it...And taking his souls out...I never have better phone,drop it many times- never broke it...This phone,at least for me have never stoped to work,or have some glich or blokade...I would give him 4 stars but only becose ii got facebook app on it that i cannot delete,and that thing...That thing...Why do they put one port for charging and for headphones...There is no logic fro that...And now when in shut down my htc,i always have to wait 10 minutes to start,becose phone optimasing some aplication...Sorry for my english...

  • anas

in fact this phone is very nice for me but the main problem is in battery, it's very bad and after one year the battery started to discharge in short time, so be this phone not practical

  • Jee

Andreadea, 03 Jul 2019Really dissappointed with battery life, it doesnt take more... moreCorrect...

  • Vaz

The battery sucked big time indeed, went completely out in a year. But still, I kinda got used to that phone so I decided to replace battery. It does require some charging throughout the day if used frequently. Still (ab)using it, two years now. Selfie camera died.

Force Majeure, 11 Jan 2017HTC, 2013 called, they wanted their small battery back. You... moreBut xiaomi takes more ram for their UI.

My heart are already stolen to HTC

  • sanny

Battery life is HORRIBLE!! I can't stress this enough - don't buy this phone! Yes, maybe other features are ok, but you don't get to use them, cause your phone will be dead after a few hours! Oh and using it outside? Don't even think about that. It can have 36% battery left, but if the temperature outside is below 20 degrees per celsium and you make a 5 second long call - say bye bye quickly, cause it will turn off immediately after. My first and last time buying something from HTC.