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  • Andreadea

Really dissappointed with battery life, it doesnt take more than 5 hours with very low usage. We replaced teh battery and even the main board , but stil the same story. Phone is great with performances and cameras but battery life ruins everything.

  • Jeemon

i am using HTC U PLAY from 2017, i was good for 1 year, after that ...... nowadays battery draining out very quickly..... getting hanged while playing whatsapp video or audio or sometimes whatsapp calls are coming. then we have to hold power button for long time to close it. phone will shutdown... after few minits only we can hold power button phone will sometimes switching on may be battery will be 0 %.......

  • zhailender

htc u play very nice phone i like it, but the bad thing is, this very low capacity of battery i can't use it for more than a day.

  • clem

my uplay is not bad but very slow needs an update ,which will never happen shame such a nice phone,,,

  • Anonymous

why until now I didn't get the software 7 or 8

  • Bad Englisher

I bought a HTC U Play Dual Sim not so bad. BUT 1- Screen looks bad under the sun, 2- Battery is bad, 3- while the camera works or playing games phone warming up 4- The HTC's software support is disgusting. Because they are preparing different roms for each country. Finally HTC said the future of updating but did not.

  • Billy

The front camera is not working, is all white, just these few days, after one year, after all other things ok, love it, but this problem came up, what is going on???

  • heba

very good phone for price and spec

  • Anonymous

Good phone and fast
Very good camera
fast charging
good screen
and good for the price
Battery live is ok not very bad at all
Good memory 64 gb
I use this phone for more than a month antil now itÂ’s good for normal use

  • Mr Man

Battery life is shit... Below 5 hours in simple using

  • Jez

I went back to HTC after a stint with Samsung and the difference is astounding. The battery life is pathetic and after backwards and forwards with tech support the best way to fix this is not to use the phone, although that still drains the battery. It was then suggested if i was on wifi to turn off mobile data and if I was uaing mobile data to turn off wifi. I already have to do that with bluetooth and optimise all apps to try and get most of the day out of the battery and after 1 week the optimise battery life button is always on. But I still always fall short.
The usb type c jack is also an issue. I have tried to get an adaptor to get earphones that fit but the adaptors do not work. Then while holding the supplied earphones in my phone went flat within 1 hour and I had no way to charge it.
The phones screen is ok when inside, but if I go anywhere near outside I cannot see a thing.
I am not happy at all with the phone and will gladly go back to Samsung!

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2018Is there any way I can buy this in Philippines? Cause the online... moreI own a U Play and its not very good in comparison to other phones in the market at the same price point. i think u should consider other phones like Huawei

  • Anonymous

Is there any way I can buy this in Philippines? Cause the online shop is too expensive and Its not even discounting

  • shojuraj

am using last one year .. but the battery performance very bad..

  • manii

this model features has very nyc but i hate battery of uplay review model

  • SadNLonely

i had been used this htc u play since jan 2018

+the screen is nice, bright & clear
+i can combine the memory to internal memory, right now im rocking with 128gb internal
+rear camera quite nice, not that perfect
+selfie, just nice
+type c, fast charge, one hour to full charge
+costume theme from htc
+u sonic earphone is excellent
+connectivity for 4G is tip top

but the cons is
-screen not very clear in direct sunlight
-rear camera, sometimes it work and sometimes it just blurry
- video is not so good
- difficult to find accessories
- battery life not that great just make it to the half day before i need to plug in
- chipset is to slow, and not suitable for gaming, just for casual game
- no update to android n neither nor to android o

- buy this phone, if you just want to open, fb, instagram, youtube and some light gaming
- suitable for a casual user, not for heavy gamer and road warrior

My Opinnion
- Still a great phone, still working fine
- will use this about two or three years, before i change to a new phone

  • Anonymous

No service show. How can I solve this problem.. plz help

I totally agree with @psst. I use this phone that i bought for 110 euro and i'm pretty happy with it. the end of day comes with 15% battery and thats good for my use.
I love the look and feel of the device. You can't understand unless you see it.
Your description is 100% accurate.

  • privacyprincess

AnonD-745050, 16 Mar 2018i sold my htc a9s to get this htc u play... very premium look n... moreOh!! We have a thing in common. I'm currently using htc one a9 (not s tho) and planning to buy the U play but still in doubt since i'm changing from "one" to the mid range one of "U". If it wasnt fr the battery and also camera as it fell down mutiple times already fr the past 18 months & got no stock fr technician to change it, i wouldnt hv thought to buy a new phone. So, is U play worth after all?

  • psst

+cost - i got mine at about 150eur
+ 3gb ram ( not 4 as listed above)
+good camera for this bux
+smooth look and feel (thin)
+ headphones & their unique feature
+ works well under heavy apps ( photoshop, gaming)
+ superfast charge ( 40 minutes tops from 3% to 100%)

cons :
- since we are talking about HTC = 0 real support or care
- ANDROID 6.0 and no further update or support from HTC ( last patch = NOV2017)
- NO CUSTOM ROMS available
- battery first month couldn't last 12 hours, but for the last 2 weeks it lasted even 1.5 days without gaming

it would be great having at least Android 7 but for the money i spent, it's ok...ish