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HTC U Ultra

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  • tamkeenstores
  • 339
  • 07 Aug 2022

AnonD-520524, 18 Feb 2017It's available already in Saudi Arabia in some stores. Ja... morebest buy at tamkeenstores

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    • AnoM
    • ibf
    • 03 Mar 2022

    john, 07 Oct 2021why i cant add account on htc u ultra, i tried google accou... moreMine is ok, just add more account as usual. Maybe is time for you to change smartphone?

      • j
      • john
      • 8sF
      • 07 Oct 2021

      why i cant add account on htc u ultra, i tried google account or htc account but it doesn't work,I had the same problems some month ago and after I factory data reset it ,it solve the problem but anyone any other suggestion how to fix it?

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        • Ina
        • vaf
        • 23 Sep 2021

        HTC U Ultra is the best mobile phone I ever had. Strong, fast and sharp...always buy HTC brand for my personal use.

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          • Tamil selvan
          • vjr
          • 25 May 2021

          Htc is a king of audio any phone can not beat

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            • Dariush
            • 8qd
            • 04 May 2021

            I have a problem with "htc u ulta" finger print bottom does not working.
            Anyone can help me.

              Anonymous, 05 Jun 2020I bought this HTC U Ultra in 2018, it got heated and now I ... moreI bought it in 2018.still running well.

                KUMAR , 20 Feb 2021HTC u ultra first time battery next board total Mobile ... moreWhat do you mean? I bought one in 2018. Runs smooth. Try factory reset.

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                  • KUMAR
                  • L2N
                  • 20 Feb 2021

                  HTC u ultra first time battery next board total
                  Mobile not good worst HTC brand

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                    • DontMindMe
                    • cUX
                    • 22 Jan 2021

                    Looks like I'll finally have to make the jump to Samsung. I hate their UI but we don't really have a choice if you're looking for a high end Android. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong)

                    I have really enjoyed HTC over the years, but my HTC Ultra looks like the end of the line :(

                      Hi i've been used this unit 3yrs already, and still have sense to use, im just thinking if they were lunch new htc's in saudi arabia this year onwards.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • X{c
                        • 07 Oct 2020

                        Anonymous, 25 Sep 2020I owned one of this, this phone is nothing but rubbish. Ba... moreTrue

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Nue
                          • 25 Sep 2020

                          I owned one of this, this phone is nothing but rubbish. Battery life zero, not dynamic in functionality, the parts not replaceable or repaired... usually hot like hell fire. .. so many more. I will never in my life use such again

                            • B
                            • BAIJU
                            • uvq
                            • 14 Sep 2020

                            I owned u ultra...but after 6 months battery is dead..I aproch customer care and many shops no anyone help me

                              is this phone too big?

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                                • Indra
                                • nCf
                                • 16 Jul 2020

                                HTC ULTRA, 04 May 2020Hey Why can't I update my Android 8.0 phone? I am on Andr... moreKeep trying ,I had same problem but now I fixed

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                                  • Indra
                                  • nCf
                                  • 16 Jul 2020

                                  Htc u ultra I am enjoying.this is the perfect htc as usual.

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                                    • Indra
                                    • 3JN
                                    • 14 Jul 2020

                                    I love HTC mobiles.i used Al most all models love them.Sound quality superb.

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                                      • Ojo
                                      • LFV
                                      • 21 Jun 2020

                                      amiragho, 11 Jul 2019A flawless phone that is definitely underestimated. Every t... moreIs an excellent phone

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                                        • Iva
                                        • 3LU
                                        • 12 Jun 2020

                                        I liked the phone until it stopped working...I am looking for a new phone that has better camera (this one was kind of "slow" at taking photos) and a phone that has more memory. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work long enough to retrieve the photos and other data i had on the phone. *sad*