HTC Vive Pro now available for pre-order, non-Pro model gets a price cut

Peter, 19 March 2018

The Vive Pro VR headset unveiled this year is now available for pre-order at 800/€880/£800. If you pre-order by June 3, your Vive Pro will ship on April 5 and you get a 6-month subscription to Viveport, where you can play up to 5 titles a month (out of a library of 400+).

The “Pro” model has 78% higher resolution thanks to its new OLED panels (combined resolution is 2,880 x 1,600px). The headset has redesigned straps for increased comfort and headphones with built-in amps. The Pro also has two cameras for AR applications.

If the Pro is too pricey for you, you can grab the regular Vive headset – HTC officially cut the price of the full kit by $100, down to $500. You get 2 months of Viveport plus Fallout 4 VR (the most popular VR title, normally $60).



Reader comments

I am well aware ... but previews were ... let's say really optimistic. I myself do not mind cables all that much, I don't really plan on playing movement intensive games ... another but :-D wireless solution for this type of headset seems like a de...

i think HTC should concentrate on setting game development studio to make decent games for the HTC vive, after all, it's the games which sell the system, not the hardware even in 2018, there is not much of killer app, even though this is a sign...

  • AnonD-743635
  • 20 Mar 2018
  • KjY

Wigig is 1 gigabyte/sec max, at that res and 60 fps, even at only 4:2:2 color, you need 2.7 gigabytes /sec for video only, so expect degraded quality when wireless, at least with current tech, and the latency must be really low or you will throw up

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