HTC Vive to be commercially available in April 2016

Ricky, 09 December, 2015

One of the most talked about products that came out of MWC back in March was the HTC Vive. Itís not quite a Samsung Gear VR since it doesnít use a smartphone for graphics. The Vive is PC-powered and runs on a gaming platform called SteamVR.

A post on HTCís official blog states that HTC plans to distribute 7,000 more developer kits in in 2016 followed by a commercial release in April. These are new second-generation developer kits that will be launched at CES in January.

HTC has been hard at work refining, tweaking, and improving the hardware and user experience of the HTC Vive. It has been working with companies in various industries to develop new content for entertainment, medical, educational and retail applications.

We are curious to see how far HTC can get with the Vive and whether itíll be a change in the VR and/or gaming industry.

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May not be long, look even now we work,communicate and play through computers.

  • AnonD-5197

Wait for the "Matrix" plug-in for your head!

  • Anonymous

I'd give anything for one of those.