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HTC Wildfire

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  • lyrkin

Anonymous, 05 May 2018Apps is not working in my says parcing problemparsing problem is most likely related android.. did you try to update it?

Anonymous, 05 May 2018Apps is not working in my says parcing problemParsing Problem occurs when you try to install incompatible application.You might be trying to install an app which doesn't support Froyo. Check API level of an app before install, then you'll know if the app is supported on Froyo or not.

Macbeth, 06 Apr 2018To be honest, that's the lowest pixel density I've ever see... moreLow resolution is the reason for longer battery backup. It's about balancing.

  • Anonymous

Kimmikat, 15 May 2017Cant download instagram or anythingApps is not working in my says parcing problem

To be honest, that's the lowest pixel density I've ever seen on a phone. I haven't seen any that are lower. 240 x 320 pixels, the Nokia C2-01, Nokia 7100 Supernova and Sony Ericsson K800 has the same resolution and are only 2".

  • Even

I bought this second hand in 2015, and with my use , just calls and SMS, it works just fine. It has its limitations regarding the amount of apps being downloaded, since it has a small capacaty for storing such. It is slow, when using larger apps like facebook, but it has a very good battery-capacity, and is generally a sturdy phone for the user that does not surf on the internet much.

  • treehugger

Had HTC Wildfire for 3 years. Only cost UKP55. Never fails, It's small, fits in pocket. Excellent value!

  • new

I my htc wildfire to browser,why?

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone since 2010 untill 2015, i got a new phone. I have to say the phone had no bugs or glitches, and it served me well. But now in 2017 with 384mb ram and 500MHz processor it's awful. Anyway i still have this phone, works perfect since the day i bought it.

  • Kimmikat

Cant download instagram or anything

  • sb15891

Sachin Bhivsan , 25 Oct 2013phone is really good but battery life & ram is very ver... moreYou are Right bro.........


This was my first smartphone and I loved it. I upgraded about two years later to a Galaxy S2. I still have my S2, but not my Wildfire sadly. I remember watching YouTube videos of the device and being amazed at it, and at the resolution (I was using a carrier-brand dumbphone at the time). Good memories with this device and it definitely served me well.

  • AnonD-424566

Useless for anything but calling texts and wapping, still have mine in spanking new condition, in box as well, still a great phone for emergencys now tho, never let me down!

  • Qebenn Fletcher

always forceclose an app when use for a period of time .Please upgrade it .

  • AnonD-197373

This phone is awful. I remember how bad the screen resolution was, jagged lines everywhere.

  • chana dangote

Hello.I want to download game and I can't.please help me

  • derp

vahid, 04 Jun 2016I have a htc wildfire a3333 and I want to instal at it wibe... morewhatsapp is obtainable, but instagram wont be updated, telegram and viber isnt there. its an old device so deal with it

  • vahid

I have a htc wildfire a3333 and I want to instal at it wiber -whatsapp-telegram and instagram and i dont now how? pleas help me, thanks alott.I am watting.

  • blonde

manasseh yaw, 29 Apr 2015its a good phone but does not support som apps. WHYbecause most apps are updated for lollipop and can still get some for kk.

  • Kingfisher

Prabhu, 10 Feb 2016Hi, do you have htc wildfire A3333 is it old mobile or new ... morePart no of battery