HTC Wildfire E3

HTC Wildfire E3

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  • Anonymous

Moon, 10 Apr 2021, HTC brilliant qualityI had 2 HTC phones prior to switching to Apple iPhone 8. I loved the HTC very robust, full aluminum case, I believe machined from 1 billet and for someone who drops their phone regularly the HTC was great. I’d still be using it but the power button jammed and I couldn’t find anyone to fix it.

  • AnonD-1003038

Why is E3 pretty much identical to E1 released years ago? Just with higher price?

  • Vicki Marley

Anonymous, 24 May 2021In the Android space flagship doesn't have enough cust... morethe HTC products are good and their battery last

  • Anonymous

In the Android space flagship doesn't have enough customers if you're not spending a fortune staying in everyone's line of sight. Then your get unknown asian firms piggytailing off the back of your advertising.

Jabuscity, 16 Mar 2021HTC should just quit already! Whatever happened to the comp... moreI wholeheartedly agree.

  • Jeswin

Commonly i heard that htc is quality mobile.
I belive in it.

  • Osiris

Solarus, 07 Apr 2021After Lg and Sony (soon), Bye Bye HTC.Sony isn't going anywhere, rip LG ˛& HTC

  • Moon

, HTC brilliant quality

It's a worse Xiaomi Redmi 9A with smaller battery but slightly better camera, released almost a years later. Just shut down already HTC, you died in 2017.

After Lg and Sony (soon), Bye Bye HTC.

HTC should just quit already! Whatever happened to the company is what I don't seem to know. Wildfire E3? Go rest old soldier. The battle has advanced!

  • Anonymous

Would be competitive at around 160€ for the 128 GB model. I guess 180€ would still be acceptable. The display is kind of a bummer.

Can HTC pls release an unexpected surprise smartphone with all resent features in multiple colours but in initial design something like this in the link below

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2021I'd rather buy an HTC Onethe m8 or m9 variant?

  • Anonymous

I'd rather buy an HTC One

  • Morton White

Good phone but the android 10 not good

Outdated phone, not even worth for a low-end device in 2021

P22 for a 2021 smartphone what an expensive joke. The OS is even outdated.

  • paplon

phone would be ok if it was 2018

  • Shifan

P22? Is this a budget phone? If it is I'll buy. If not HTC will disappear again...