HTC Wildfire R70

HTC Wildfire R70

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  • Kaizad

HTC made the best phones in the World.

  • Jalien

Have always had HTC phones but they make them all too big now. They need a smaller version

  • Maximos90

Please I'm from Nigeria but HTC phones is some how hard to get from any Phone store. How can i get latest HTC phones here in Nigeria?

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Killer, 08 Aug 20202gb ram in 2020? :)Its the bare minimum IMHO.

  • Chinonso

Htc is really good because it battery last last better and have quality camera that is sharp in number

  • Anonymous

Well. HTC is really good,majority are fond of seeing large numbers of the ram and rom. But HTC are real and always powerful no matter the number of ram you see. Inbuilt wise, HTC are good at that, materials and designs, I give it to HTC. Motorola is also one of a kind.

  • Killer

2gb ram in 2020? :)

  • Captain Tsubasa

Why HTC can't release a same model with higher RAM and Storage like 4 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage.

  • Amirhossein

Why doesn't HTC release the Wildfire R70? I have been waiting for HTC to release it for 4 months!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2020Dude, what are you smoking?is that weed or something

Anonymous, 29 May 2020Dude, what are you smoking?ngl i'm curious too, wht is he smoking ??

Even the best HTC just got 10nm in their chip. What a.

I didn't know, why my heart still remain in this brand. Or maybe Xperia.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020htc going from bad to worst, my samsung has 16gb memory, i... moreDude, what are you smoking?

  • Anonymous

I really feel sorry for anyone who is clueless about tech and buys this phone while being excited about it having 3 cameras while 2 of them being completely useless... You really can't include a 5MPx ultrawide or a 48MPx main camera instead?


my last 4 mobile phones have all been htc phones and they have all given me great service and are almost indestructible, i've dropped them many times and never broken a screen on any of them... i hope the new htc r70 is just as good but i'm getting a bit fed up waiting on i'ts release date in australia.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Unless this ship with Android GO edition please add more RAM... UwU

  • Anonymous

2Gb of ram pfff hahaha wth HTC

shanxxxx, 10 May 2020only a miracle could save them now. how lovely would it be ... moreme too but sadly there is no hope

  • shanxxxx

only a miracle could save them now. how lovely would it be for a HTC M 20 5G (2020) with an aluminium body great cameras and yeah maybe a sp 765g love to see a legend return

rip htc