HTC Wildfire X

HTC Wildfire X

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  • Lonesome george

Adigunkilonso, 03 Jun 2020Something is missing in this feature. What about the gorill... moreSadly there no gorrila glass protection and it's not a HTC developed phone and it's just branded as HTC

Something is missing in this feature. What about the gorilla glass protection?

  • Anonymous

Evil crash bandicoot, 27 Nov 2019Lenovo z6 pro can be 250$ and it's better than thisits 400+ usd bruh

The HTC Wildfire is back in India, and HTC has almost nothing to do with it. HTC has licensed its Wildfire name to a Chinese manufacturer named InOne Smart Technology, a Chinese manufacturer known for its Lava-branded smartphones.

Hate to buy this phone mocking HTC logo.

  • Kumar

ej10, 28 Aug 2019This phone is cheaper than a xiaomi and p30 lite, very inte... moreAny info on SAR value of Htc wildfire X.

  • Anonymous

I thought this company was dead. A bit unreal to see the HTC logo on such a modern phone.

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately I searched for this phone in my country and neighbourhoods countries but still not available !?

I contacted the middle east team support , they claimed that they do not know about this phone.
Further, they said that they do not support gsmarena website

  • Anonymous

This phone is good enough to buy.good battery,good and huge 128g storage with camera that is 12mp but it has bigger pixles with 1.25m and that's good and unique choice for entery level.also it has great and sexy design.this complex means good and great chouce in entry level.

  • Evil crash bandicoot

Lenovo z6 pro can be 250$ and it's better than this

  • Anonymous

andy, 15 Oct 2019Is it good for gaming?Yup

  • Max

I had used HTC 501 n des 10 pro in past. Major Negative points I found: no latest Android updates, No proper camera quality in night and after processing, undervalued processors (they need to come out of helio domain..big time!)

andy, 15 Oct 2019Is it good for gaming?No, you better stick to the Xiaomi Mi A3, it has Android One, better GPU for games and it's cheaper. That Mi A3 will get much more updates than this HTC phone.

  • andy

Is it good for gaming?

  • Anonymous

Great phone in entery level.this phone is very god in camera,storage,ram,cpu tech(12nano),good and enough battery and great design.
If want great entery level take htc wildfire x.

  • PAUL

Andros, 14 Sep 2019is it with sensUI?cuz the ui looks different than senseUI i... morenope,no runs on stock android like the moto devices.if you like htc's UI but don't care about other specs then you should go for HTC desire 12 or 12+.

  • Andros

is it with sensUI?cuz the ui looks different than senseUI in the unboxing videos.someone please clear my doubt.i want to buy this phone if it is with senseui.

  • Rohana

Price in Srilanka Now

  • Sunil dagar

Whether it has same functions like HTC other wildfire series set.

  • Anonymous

great phone with very good features in low design,great and huge storage,great camera with bigger pixels and many other advantages
the best is entry level
i want it
great job htc

baka haram, 18 Aug 2019very expensive and htc out of game nowNot expensive unless your poor, it's a great phone why the negativity?