HTC Windows Phone 8S review: Icebreaker


GSMArena team, 18 December 2012.

Decent retail package

Other than the handset itself and a few guides, the HTC Windows Phone 8S retail package contains the accessories needed to get you started. You get an A/C adapter, which connects with the supplied microUSB cable to charge the phone, a set of earphones and a SIM eject tool.

HTC Windows Phone 8s HTC Windows Phone 8s
The Windows Phone 8S retail package and its contents

Considering the asking price, that's a decent bundle, offering the exact same stuff as the 8X flagship.

HTC Windows Phone 8S 360-degree spin

At 120.5 x 63 x 10.3 mm, the HTC Windows Phone 8S is a pretty compact device. It's amazingly lightweight too without feeling fragile or cheap. Most importantly, the use of space here is a lot better compared to the 8X, which was just too big for the screen offered.

The 10.3mm profile isn't bad for the class, and because the smartphone is actually way thinner at the edges, it feels a lot slimmer. Plus, HTC brought the weight down to just 113g, so this one is good for carrying in just about any pocket.

HTC Windows Phone 8s HTC Windows Phone 8s
The 8S sized up against the One X

Design and build quality

The HTC Windows Phone 8S borrows a lot of design cues from its more expensive sibling, but has a clearly younger target. The two tone body comes in a number of bright colors, which in our opinion would best suit teenage hands. The black and white version, which we got for this review, is a tad more serious, but still not quite fit for corporate scenarios.

The great news is that slipping down the ranks has cost the HTC Windows Phone 8S nothing in terms of build quality. The smartphone is crafted to the same high standard as its senior sibling. The plain-looking colored plastic bit under the screen is the most questionable element of the phone's design, which by the way may look its worse in white.

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  • AnonD-731159

My htcs8 it's off and not work today I don't way? help me please

  • philippy

The phone is completely rubbish have ever bought. Can't download. Apps in fact useless.asking. For activation code without providing reliable. Means of getting it

  • joe public

This phone is basically a rubbish version of the Nokia lumia 900. Its only advantage over it is that you can use an sd card, but that's it. Beats audio is nothing special, and the duel core feature runs no faster then than the single core of th...