HTC Windows Phone 8S

HTC Windows Phone 8S

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  • Anonymous

zac474, 26 Apr 2014I am also trying to find out how to install apps on my htc ... moreI can't even download any app on this window phone

  • ajai esac

my first smart phone, was very good performance

  • NoNoNo

clang2, 11 Jul 2017I can't view the files that is being send to me in the blue... moreNo

Oh my god, I remember this phone! One of my relatives had it!

  • amir doran

Sorry may friend I'm mobile HTC windows phone videos and music thanks may friend

  • Medkiszo

how to restart the phone when it gives you some problems for instance when you lock the phone with password and you cannot access the password due to touch problem and you attempt three times the phone gives you tray again after long period of time?

  • Anonymous

I can't sign in anytime i try to do that they ask me for a code,which code is that.

  • shaker

Pls when ever am to download any content am ask to sign up.And when am done with that.they request a code from me again
pls what's the code

  • clang2

I can't view the files that is being send to me in the bluerooth.pls. help me how.Thank Yuo

  • chris k

i have had used this phone for three years , it never gave me any problem eccept frezing when i add videos in phone memory.factory reest was never a problem it never required a hard factory reset only through a normal procedure.

  • AnonD-669462

HTC Windows Phone 8S - Factory Hard Reset

If you about to sell your phone and you want to wipe your personal data, or if your phone affected with virus or you want to delete the forgotten screen password, pattern lock you have to do a hard reset.

The factory Rest will remove your primary Microsoft account and you may lose data if it has not been synced. Be sure to back up any data and files you want to keep before you do a factory reset.

Switch off the phone.
Press and hold the Volume Down button and connect the charger.
Hold the Volume Down button until you see an exclamation mark.
Press the buttons in sequence:

  • Alvin

Ebenezer t, 17 Oct 2016The phone is not good, i am using this phone for part one m... moreI can't sign in to Microsoft account on this phone.They always ask for codes ahhhhh!!

  • salvation

Pls help me to unlocked my phone

  • AnonD-642420

Can anyone tell me how to remove my existing sim card so I can put my new one in,
I am becoming very frustrated...Windows 8 S phone.

Thanks in advance.

  • Nick

masoud4523, 23 Dec 2015My phone HTC Windows Phone 8 S is the perfect format blue s... moreTry downlading the RUU file for htc 8s.
Then thru RUU and your PC install fresh windows phone 8 on your device
On the XDA- developer forum are instructions step by step
Same thing hapend to me on my device. I gotit to work windows thru RUU- (Rom Update Utility )

  • khalsa

I download new games and apps but it is unforable

  • ruben

having problem with all three buttons below ,doesn't .work anymore .give solution

  • Anonymous

I can not download any application with the phone,because i have an account but still i can not sign in with wp8s.

  • AnonD-521155

What is upgrade to WP8 GDR3

  • Ebenezer t

The phone is not good, i am using this phone for part one month now i can not sign in for my account i can not update i cannot download any application on my phone why i need help please,