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  • Haitham
  • 3ZI
  • 06 Jan 2013

Dears, GSMarena mentioned in the status of this phone the word "Rumored" pay attention if released i dont think will release with Quad 2.7Ghz

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    • nickysor
    • 0U1
    • 29 Dec 2012

    Excellent exercise of design. In term of hardware arhitecture if it will go on the market there will be a need for more RAM and internal storage. As for the software it is obviou that ICS is past due.
    Hope that Htc will provide phones with similar design...very efficient use of dimension, and by doing so a phone similar in size with htc one x could easy accommodate a 5 inch display full hd of course.
    As for hardware please update the batery technology because we only talk about ghz, mhz, rams but not juice and more proccesing power will always request more power

      • c
      • cristian
      • Kj@
      • 26 Dec 2012

      cellphones's cpu frequency its not really fast than you tink, it's just fancy numbers, but doesn't improve much performance at all, just a bit, Nintendo 3DS has just 200MHz cpu+gpu, and you need a 1.2GHz dual core cellphone to nearly match 3DS

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        • avesh ramteke
        • rAg
        • 25 Dec 2012

        Kaskonjunf, 20 Nov 2012This is here for more than a year so please take it out - i... morevery very fast phone from HTC

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          • AnonD-89611
          • K7g
          • 22 Dec 2012

          This phone is too beautiful for HTC.

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            • Bill
            • 3J6
            • 17 Dec 2012

            phone master, 15 Nov 2012I think this phone isn't true I mean it has been several mo... moreBelieve me, phones WILL require the amount of processing power in the next year or so, we're almost getting there. Optimus G2 and the HTC M7, one with Qualcomm's upgraded S4 Pro is clocked with 2.5GHZ and 2-3GB of RAM, the HTC M7 is a Tegra 4 Quad Cortex A15 enabled device that will be clocked between GHZ also with a 5 Inch 1080p Display. Remember, there were doubters that said the HTC HD2 would never make the industry change because the screen was too huge and there wasn't need for a WVGA DISPLAY, despite, guess what, doubters are always proven wrong and the screen res was upped to 720p and is now 1080p.

            If we all think enough is enough, think again, because the industry doesn't sit still and will always improve.

              • K
              • Kaskonjunf
              • mcX
              • 20 Nov 2012

              This is here for more than a year so please take it out - its not going to happen

                • p
                • phone master
                • 15 Nov 2012

                I think this phone isn't true I mean it has been several months on the rumor mill and nobody heard anything about it then nobody will need a phone with that much processing power also it's so hard and expensive for a company to design a phone like this.

                  • T
                  • Technomaniacz
                  • utd
                  • 12 Nov 2012

                  InkedGeek, 10 Nov 2012for the cpu, battery juice will drain off quickly. this nee... moreThats where you are wrong. The new ARM Cortex A15 architecture is much more efficient than the current A9. Power consumption is reduced and also it depends on the chipset! I have mentioned about this below, you might wanna take a look

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                    • InkedGeek
                    • sRj
                    • 10 Nov 2012

                    for the cpu, battery juice will drain off quickly. this needs at least 2500maH or higher to last all day w/o charging. if not, you'll end up drained before you can make a phone call.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • vbR
                      • 09 Nov 2012

                      Battery still a 1830 ... haven't they learned a lesson yet??

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                        • daroon
                        • 3%2
                        • 08 Nov 2012

                        quad core 2.5 and battery 1830 mAh !!!!! shit...

                          • A
                          • Andoo
                          • pqy
                          • 08 Nov 2012

                          In a couple of years, the only difference between a phone and a laptop will be the sim card...

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • 04 Nov 2012

                            If not announced in max 1 month I will buy one x+

                              • T
                              • Technomaniacz
                              • utd
                              • 02 Nov 2012

                              Oh a quad 2.5 is very much possible. New ARM Cortex A15 processor can be pushed to 2.5 GHz clock speed. This phone will be a shocker if released. There is all the list of phone processors and GPUs here

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                                • RIshi
                                • PUE
                                • 02 Nov 2012

                                THats because it has a Quad-Core 2.5Ghz.!!!

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                                  • EsP4Ni0
                                  • 9Bc
                                  • 01 Nov 2012

                                  32 GB internal memory !??****
                                  1 GB RAM !??****
                                  Just thinking why is this a romour..!!

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                                    • Mobilemaster
                                    • 0Uu
                                    • 01 Nov 2012

                                    Anonymous, 01 Nov 2012Only one gig of ram? Quite dissapointingIt's a concept phone.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • fwa
                                      • 01 Nov 2012

                                      Only one gig of ram? Quite dissapointing

                                        • k
                                        • khan11
                                        • 9xp
                                        • 29 Oct 2012

                                        HTC Zeta is the 1 of the best mobile in my life. It's a good brand as compaire to other....