HTC's revenue goes up 67% in August

Ro, 09 September 2019

HTC financial situation has been pretty grim for the last few years but lately there have been some small signs of bouncing back. For August, for example, the Taiwanese tech company recorded 66.8% growth in revenue compared to July.

HTC's revenue goes up almost 67% in August

HTC has made $23.5 million in revenue for August, which is a significant increase compared to the previous month. However, the revenue is still 47.1% down on yearly basis.

Market analysts say that with the launch of VR-related products earlier this year like the Vive Pro Eye, Vive Focus, Vive Focus Plus and Vive Cosmos, the company will see its sales go up by a significant degree until the end of this year. HTC might finally be up for some fresh air.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-82756
  • 10 Sep 2019
  • nFj

Good for HTC they are hanging in there not giving up and things are starting to look up hope it continues.

Superb company, i really miss their devices. They need to release a top tier device, stock android, swerve sense. Top tier hardware, leave no level untouched. They do make amazing hardware.

  • Love the Community
  • 10 Sep 2019
  • sE@

As a PC Master Race member, I would say "PS VR? We don't do that here."

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