Huawei Ascend G300

Huawei Ascend G300

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  • MeteorStorm
  • JDn
  • 22 Jun 2020

I had to use this phone for a month as my own phone was broken and i didn't have any alternatives :D. I like that it still functions. It's still barely good enough to use it to make phonecalls, sms and whatsapp worked as well if you have a little bit of patience lol. I have dropped it a 100 times and it still works, and still with the original battery!!! To me that's a win :).

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    • Greciano
    • gCw
    • 18 Jan 2017

    Can someone tell me a guide to hack or root the phone for beter performance? first root the phone and then install the software, right? Thanks!!!

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      • AnonD-155544
      • 3a0
      • 26 Nov 2016

      The G300 is a quite good budget phone. I like first of all the 4 inch screen as Huawei could easily have produced a smaller screen for the price and i am a fan of decently large screens. The resolution is also decent with the screen looking fairly bright and clear. I feel the touchscreen is not always as touch responsive as it could be but speed is reasonable. The hardware is fairly nice looking for the price and is fairly durable with the phone surviving several drops without a cracked screen although the back is fairly scratch-prone. I personally am not a huge fan of Huawei products since i prefer slightly more established manufactures but this phone is fairly decent overall. I feel the battery life could be slightly improved considering the phone is low power but it is not bad.

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        • Anonymous
        • L9m
        • 07 Oct 2016

        SUUUPER LAGGY, not worth buying.. It was good in 2012 but not now.

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          • Joh
          • u}N
          • 12 Sep 2016

          It does not work anymore. NO NETWORK SERVICE.. the phone still turns on, connects to wifi, and can still download apps and etc.. but cant be used for calls!

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            • AnonD-552264
            • i5Q
            • 23 Jun 2016

            I love this phone. The google with their updates, the phone is getting slower. It's fine to go to Fb Lite, normal, don't even think about it. Post fotos on Instagram, play a lite game. The battery it's good. I work on a Hotel and I walk a lot, with answer the phone all day long, in and out from elevators, searching for signal, the battery old on for almost 2 days.
            0 to 10 stars I give a 8!

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              • TrumpDidNothingWrong
              • Kxr
              • 17 Mar 2016

              Got mine late 2012. Audio jack recently stopped working. Everything else has been fine.

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                • kkk
                • gxv
                • 10 Sep 2015

                good phone at it time of realse now very slow phone

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                  • ApolloSpectre
                  • 05c
                  • 07 Jul 2015

                  Master, 25 Jun 2015Mine laster for 5 years, including army time and harsh cond... moreBy my knowledge of website rocket-science this phone was released 3 years ago, so you're statement should be rated as untrue. Well unless you come from the footure!

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                    • Master
                    • pI%
                    • 25 Jun 2015

                    Mine laster for 5 years, including army time and harsh conditions. So far the best phone ive ever owned. But now my screen doesnt work, probably the cause of too much water.

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                      • lemon.grab
                      • mY7
                      • 19 Jun 2015

                      best fone evva

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                        • dom
                        • Xs7
                        • 15 Jun 2015

                        easily one of the worst phones ever
                        i have gone through two and the screen has stopped working on both of them

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                          • e-man
                          • 3A0
                          • 18 Mar 2015

                          mine is dead and i want to take the screen far a project and want to know its pin out.

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                            • Nikolas
                            • s3F
                            • 28 Feb 2015

                            Alex, 04 Feb 2015Can you install facebook messenger on this phone?Offcourse..

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                              • donna1708
                              • amH
                              • 28 Feb 2015

                              Alex, 04 Feb 2015Can you install facebook messenger on this phone?Yes, you can :)

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                                • Mike
                                • rvw
                                • 05 Feb 2015

                                mine is dead... i need motherboard replacement

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                                  • Alex
                                  • pWX
                                  • 04 Feb 2015

                                  Can you install facebook messenger on this phone?

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                                    • nash
                                    • Nat
                                    • 24 Dec 2014

                                    Its generally a fine phone,can't give 100% but its fine, its OK coz I've been with it for over 1year and 7months

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • p7K
                                      • 21 Dec 2014

                                      First of all I got this phone about 1 year ago, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, not even to someone who is patient because it will definitely get on your nerves! During the first few months it worked just fine, but then it got rly slow and sooo laggy, applications not responding, camera not connecting, battery dies after a few hrs or shuts down completely when an application is not responding plus its camera is quite shitty, I would have expected it it to be quite good for a 5mp. Be careful what to buy, not everything on the market is worth your money !!

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                                        • SOHAIL
                                        • Hxe
                                        • 11 Dec 2014

                                        I Request all people please don't buy this phone If you have extra money than u purchase I will give him Zero Star useless phone please don't buy