Huawei Ascend G510

Huawei Ascend G510

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  • Anonymous

I enjoy Ed this phone so much before it broke

  • GG

This phone works much faster if it runs with default applications, because this applications use less RAM memory.

If you upgrade applications then the mobile runs remarkably slow, due it has very few RAM available (512 mb only!). So it's a quite basic mobile and it's not recommend to upgrade them, but if you do, then keep in mind that.

  • Ritty

tom, 15 Jul 2019I still use this phone it works like charm, is very good ph... moreCan, I get the parts in the market and if it still support whatassp

  • tom

I still use this phone it works like charm, is very good phone with interesting features.

  • Anonymous

just pulled this phone out of storage to mess with it, and turns out it still works

having trouble charging the battery past 5%, but it's surprising it still holds any charge at all

hoping to be able to get it to a semi-usable state to try more stuff

  • nana kay

does this phone have a dual sim slot?
if yes, then I can't locate the other
If no, then why do I keep receiving notification that my sim 2 is empty?

  • xentiment

Rato, 12 Jan 2017ive been using dis fone since 2013 but now ive forgot my pa... moreyou need to enter username and password of google account you are logged on phone. if that doesnt help and you have rooted phone and usb debugging try some software for pc that may unlock it. all i can think of.

  • AnonD-568414

i am using this phone since 2013. After 4 years the phone still works like a charm. Huawei is awesome.

  • Anonymous

why is it that the switch for this phone is had to find in zambia

  • AnonD-580971

Fay, 26 Mar 2017I have tried everything to boost the ringing and audio volu... moreRoot your phone, then use 'Root Browser' to open build.prop file in system folder, i.e. system/build.prop
Locate the line that says 'ro.config.hw.security_volume=11'
Now add these two lines before it:

Save this.

Now go back and find the cust folder and locate the local.prop file buried within subfolders inside the cust folder i.e. cust/hw/normal/prop/local.prop
Open local.prop file as text and add the line:
Save and Restart your phone now.
that should help turn the volume up a notch, though not by much since inbuilt audio preprocessing files(equaliser and whatnot) tend to limit the volume somehow to ensure that the output audio does not sound grainy. In short, it sacrifices audio volume for audio quality.

  • AnonD-580971

if your phone is rooted, use root browser and locate the file system/build.prop
open the build.prop file as text and look for the line that says:
if its equal to true, then change it to false and save and restart your phone.
that should do the trick

  • poklop252

Rato, 12 Jan 2017ive been using dis fone since 2013 but now ive forgot my pa... morereset or reinstal android (xda forum can help)

  • Fay

I have tried everything to boost the ringing and audio volume with no luck. Have downloaded a couple of volume boosters but no different

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for 4 years now, it was going well until September last year when it started having issues, the camera sometimes doesn't work, it sometimes restarts randomly and it get's really hot and delays or freezes. It's a shame, it was a real good phone.

  • Rato

ive been using dis fone since 2013 but now ive forgot my pattern n its requesting username and password nd it keeps on saying the info am giving its wrong please help

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2016I have had this phone for 3 years and it's still working, v... moreSame thing with me but I don't have the battery problem

  • VAVA

Mine is showing dual sim option but no where to put the second. Why?

  • Mash

Forget my patten after lock & request my email & password. Pls helf me

  • Anonymous

My bluuth is not working n my radio

  • AnonD-600927

its a very good phone .but it can't change its font .Is they an solution