Huawei Ascend G526

Huawei Ascend G526

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  • Cas

Seven years only now running out of steam

  • Tayebwa Ronald

I love this phone coz i use it more than 3yrs and above it's perfect.

  • Thank you

I am using this for more than 3years now and still in a good condition... Thanks to my ex for this phone :)

  • daniel

I had this phone for almost 3 years and it was so perfect , I luv it

  • Afnan

Its a good phone. I am using it more than 2 years and it has fallen down many times. But still it is working with smoothness.

  • mac user

For all those complaining about not being able to install app due to lack of memory here is what is causing the problem and the solution.

The phone has 4gb for internal storage and 1gb RAM. Additionally you can add an SD card with up to 32gb of storage.

When installing apps the phone installs them to the internal storage area. This results in this area being quickly filled up with apps and their data.

Moving apps to SD cards.
The first thing you should know is that not all apps can be moved to the SD card. To move the ones that can be moved go to Settings/manage apps. Select the app you want to move and select move to SD card.

Additonally, there are dedicated system apps that can be downloaded from the app store (all-in-one toolbox, clean master etc.) That make this much easier.

Please also be aware that if you save pages with the browser that they are saved to the internal memory and take up space that could be used to install apps.

Default storage should also be changed from internal ram to SD card in settings/storage/default storage location.

I hope this helps all complaining about the limited storage on the phone.

  • rajesh

its very bad option is not good apps can not installd storege problam

  • vivekvino

hai its good one. but latest software updation is not available... no software is updated..... i have lot of problems in this mobile.......

  • nikk

It is a very amazing phone.At first i didnt known how to use it. Then slowly i know and now The using of huawei g526-l11 is very esally. But One problum that face is the front carmar have not good. So i am very sad of it.

  • Anonymous

Tyki, 28 Nov 2014I got my unit february last year, works fine in every corne... moretry ebay

  • Anonymous

Hi, I have an odd issue and I am wondering if anyone could help.
My power button is playing up. I can use it to turn my screen on and off. But when I press down and hold to take a screenshot or to turn off my phone it doesn't respond.
I don't know why or how it's doing it, but it is and it is confusing.
Any help is very much appreciated

  • Nath

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2014After taking or making a phonecall, the ringtone and messag... moreNo incoming sound in my phone without loud speaker. Please help.Huawei Ascend 526

  • cj

Hi! Try installing 3rd party apps available in the app store to clear your "junk files"

  • Anonymous

The huawei g526 is a dual core 1,2gherz

  • Cidal

Sir good pm, a simple trick to repair the error in downloading apps in Play store is to uninstall the updates because the updates has a lot of bugs in it causing to have an error.

  • sSs™

just a question: how to move apps to SD card? move apps to sd card option is not showing on the phone, when I press settings - apps - choose an app, there is no option to move apps to sd card please help asap

  • Tyki

I got my unit february last year, works fine in every corner. however i broke the screen digitizer/touch panel, still working fine just the ugly rough look. Spare replacement for this unit is very hard to find here in the philippines!!! Wuhh!! Still searching, anyone knows somewhere?

  • Mello

I also got the same problem with downloading apps from playstore. I keep on getting an error saying that my phone's memory is full. I checked my memory card and phone memory and 75% is the free space available.

  • Bertt

Missmelb, 26 Oct 2014larry i have the same problem you had, patten locked, how d... morePush the power button and volume down at the same time for 5-10 second or until the phone restart and the phone will back to to factory reset, hope it will help. ☺️

  • nige

Ronulfo, 15 Jun 2014To move a SD, follow the next steps: - setting/storage/def... morei've tried it already, whenever i download games and others from the google play store it will only tell "memory full". my sd card is 8gb and my phone has 7 gb availble... i switch the storage loction from phone to sd card and its no use, still doesnt working. please help me. thank u.