Huawei Ascend G700

Huawei Ascend G700

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  • slabs37

been using this phone since 2013, despite the locked bootloader i have install android 4.4.2 miui 9 custom rom on it using flashfire and made a ton of modifications using xposed
this phone is still my daily driver only thing it really is missing is OTG support
it is a great phone if you have one lying around, but a 2013 phone isn't worth buying anymore specially with devices like Infinix Note 8 coming around

  • Datt

I have this phone but it's not reading simcards what could be the problem?

  • diegz fernandes

i using this phone in 3yrs. the problem is its data and wifi keeps turning on, when i turn it off, it turns on again even when it sleeps. its always like this. how to fix it bro?

  • HerrWilhelm

Have bought it in 2013, still have it, great phone. Only this year I noticed performance issues, but that is because modern software (and updates) are more demanding than 6 years ago. But with the minor hickups it is still a usable phone today!
Bought it for €220 so I have had about €37 phone costs a year :D

  • beforeaand

hello i have this stock firmware not working touchscreen...but another firmware working but lagging freezing how i solve this problem? tell stable firmware

  • Adnan

AnonD-674625, 04 Jun 2017I have been using this phone for 3 years or so. But there i... moremake a backup reset the the phone . it works as a new one

  • Anonymous

Had great specs for the price but support only up to Jelly Bean. No major problems, a solid budget phone.

  • AnonD-674625

I have been using this phone for 3 years or so. But there is a problem, a dialog box pops up on the screen, different apps and parts of the phone have stopped working. Then i press ok, but it opens again and again til i have to restart the phone. And apps stop working after i update them so i have to reinstall the app, and i cant have more than 20 apps on my phone. when i factory reset my phone it works fine for a while but then its back to how it used to be. And also 1 GB of junk files everyday, and RAM is full idk of what tho!
I haven't updated android since i bought the phone because i read in reviews the updates have issues on this phone. Would updating android solve my problem?

  • AnonD-651910

Bought this phone back in 2013 when it came out , finally gave up after almost 4 years , huawei makes some great quality phones

  • mur3633

For those who have random restars on these phones: Uninstall Facebook app, and install version 55 for example and disable auto update for this app.
Your phone will work like it used to work when you bought it. :)

  • shahzeem

how to slove the problem unfortunately sweetGraphics is stopped

  • AnonD-633754

Hello, who can help me by sending the original software of the huawei G700.
I have already put 3 different software and none me functional like the original also do not bring Spanish legunje and I need one with Spanish.

  • AnonD-615218

I have HUAWEIG700-U10 since 3 yrs but it give me a problem. when i switch on my cell phone it starting heating on the top back side of the camera area. what is the solution for this promlems.

  • Anonymous

Have been using this phone from 2013 without any issues. The phone just doesn't die
Only problem why im switching is that im still at jelly beans

  • Hellas

i have this phone from 2014, it is working fine and i will choose again Huawei, (the only problem is that if there is hight humidity the screen colors change until you press again the power button and the screen sleep)

  • AnonD-610211

Bought this phone almost 3 years ago.
everything working fine for me , huawei is a brand which i recommend to anyone

  • AnonD-586820

Raza_pk165, have you tried its firmware to be flashed again? I mean to say just download the original firmware of your phone (dload folder) in your sd/ memory card and restart your phone by pressing vol up + vol down + power button at the same time. I think this will solve the issue

  • usman121

Raza_pk165, 14 Aug 2016Using this G700 since March 2013. it started Restarting ran... moreDid you use factory reset from settings or usibg volume and power button key?

  • izat

Raza_pk165, 14 Aug 2016Using this G700 since March 2013. it started Restarting ran... morei also have situation like that.., maybe our phone is out of date.., should find a new phone..hahaha

  • Raza_pk165

Using this G700 since March 2013. it started Restarting randomly right after 1 year and 6 Months. What Should I do?.. Now Since yesterday evening it suddenly gets off and now m not able to resolve the issue. I have done Reset Factory Setting and also Cache partition but its stucked on ..BOOT....
What Should I do?... need your support guys... +923357989249,