Huawei Ascend Mate7

Huawei Ascend Mate7

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  • Anonymous

5h4ry4n, 08 Feb 2020I've been using this phone for a year, and i don't like it at al... moreWhy not replace it?

  • 5h4ry4n

I've been using this phone for a year, and i don't like it at all tbh. The camera quality isn't the best, i don't get almost any notification, and there are minor difficulties with the power button. I would say that the power button, and volume buttons are WAY fragile s well, if you press too hard then it legit breaks, but if not oressed hard enough then it won't work. I have no choice but to use it for now, so I'm forced to use it, but i would definately change to something else if i had the chance to.

  • subin

Using from Nov 2014, two months back power button having a minor difficult to press

  • shrimpygirl

I have had this phone for a while and you will not get any notifications for apps on this phone unless you have the phone awake or been using it.
There is nothing you can do a bout this.

  • zizo

i can not update my phone

  • Rofhiwa

I cant hear a person when I receive a call even when I call

  • Gogo

What is the opening network kode for this phone?

  • Atty

My phone HUAWEI model M17-TL10 I want to update the phone. I can't see where to upgrade it

  • Anonymous

How to upgrade my mate 7 L09 to 6?

  • Anonymous

Pls My phone does not show network, it only show no service pls any solution for it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2019whwere is the second sim slot??Same slot as sd card

  • Anonymous

whwere is the second sim slot??

  • Mocash

memhy, 14 Oct 2017i am using it since 2015, it was nice till 2 months back at whi... moreBuy Huawei mate 7 charging pot from jumia/any online outlet n have it fixed by an expert

  • Trancelistic

beejay, 12 Sep 2018my Huawei ascend mate 7 is not recognised by my computer wheneve... moreWhen you connected it to a pc, then swipe your screen down on the phone itself.
Then choose, usb data transfer = on.

  • beejay

my Huawei ascend mate 7 is not recognised by my computer whenever I try a connection through a usb cable

  • ash

no updates, discontinued

  • Dassy

How 2 update my phone
My sim cards doesn't reading..

How can i update my version of m7 tl10? can u recommend me an website? anyone? 2018 here

Lynch, 10 Oct 2017upgraded to Marshmallow, works fine. MT7-TL10how? reply ASAP

  • AnonD-738821

I love this phone it's a very responsive fast good gaming phone brilliant camera advanced for its age wonderful fingerprint-scanner loads of space hands down brilliant phone