Huawei Ascend P6

Huawei Ascend P6

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this is very fine mobile and i like most both p6 and p7 but i want to purchase p7 how and where please provide option instantly

  • Nobsy N

I used this phone for 5 years without any issues at all, even after I accidentally dropped it many times. I absolutely loved it! Eventually the battery started swelling and the screen stopped responding. I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't for the swollen battery and unresponsive screen it would still work perfectly.

  • Marko

Aries phone is the reason why I switched to samsung and would never buy huawei trash again

The preset ringtones from this phone brings back so much nostalgia, it's unreal!

  • rasa

this was my scond huawei phone, used it for solid 4 years, than replaced battery myself but the "new" battery was already 3 years old so was not much better than my original one... now my son uses it for watching youtube cartoons. so it is still alive and resists my son very well :)

This is my first Huawei phone in 2014 price around 400+ at that time in my country. I use it for 2 solid year without problem, but nowadays I change 2-3 phones a year.

  • masoud

a dude, 31 Jul 2019When it comes to performance this phone is bad and overheat... moreHuawi is very good phon.

  • a dude

When it comes to performance this phone is bad and overheats so easily and even it broke for me because of that, I tried to download a 1GB file it overheated and broke, Only functional when connected to a power source but this phone will always have a place in my heart with its fancy design, Low profile and all the fun I had with it and It was my first smartphone I ever got and it lasted for 2 years.

  • Andiswa Holland

Desperately looking for a Huawei Ascend p6 where can I purchase one

  • Anonymous

ghangs, 03 Sep 2016same here.. p6 is overheating and shuts down without notice... moreThe phone is did not on but working condition

  • anonymous

hi, my huawei just lost its signal and no identity of the imei? how can this be fixed??

  • Anonymous

hi,please is P6 has a 3G connection?the connection i have just wrote E

  • Shakeel

Howcan.i.update myhuwaei p6 any one the procedure

I installed the small & 'light on resources' CyanogenMod 11 rom & Gapps (from the XDA-developers forums) & it now works better than new :-) [without 'Ultra battery' setting, battery life cannot be improved though].

  • anonim

Lags like phones from 2011, oh wait not My galaxy note after 6years is still faster than this.
dont buy this phone please

  • tangerr

Tee perkins, 12 Dec 2016Does this phone suport snapchatit does, but its very laggy and will crash your phone if used extensively, this phone is trash after a year.

  • AnonD-621809

Anyone else noticed front camera video lag?

  • Faizoh

my huawei does not store missed calls and unread messages.whats the prob?

  • Tee perkins

Does this phone suport snapchat

  • AnonD-613376

This phone serves me very well for more than 3 years. If not because i broke the glass after i drop it, i wont replace my phone. Performance i great however, it heats a lot especially if you use it for 30 mins to an hour of playing asphalt 8. I bought an Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML and it broke after 4 months without even dropping it.